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I don't know what's going on but I can't reply to your messages... Anyway, I keep reading your suggestions and adding more people to the list. Thank you all :)
PS1: I'm sorry people but I WON'T be adding JARED LETO, ever... so PLEASE, don't insist on him... he has crazy/strange/too round not stunning eyes IMO (just my opinion)
PS2: if you're disrespectful I won't take your suggestions into consideration at all... this is my list: I'm overjoyed and grateful to get your suggestions and add more people but still, this is my list: I add who *I* think 'deserves' to be on it because their eyes are either physically stunning or have some 'spark' that make them interesting to me... plus, I can't add the entire 'IMDb' data base
PS3: please try NOT to suggest people who are already on the list or who have no pics on IMDb
PS4: I agree, MEG FOSTER should be on the list but, unfortunately, she has no pics in her IMDb profile... Julie Delarme and many others should also be on it but well... :(
PS5: yep, I like blue eyes but not expressionless ones ;) I've added most brown-eyed people who are on the list, though (Mandy Patinkin, Colin Firth, Oscar Isaac, Ashton Kutcher,... I tend to like almond-shaped brown/hazel eyes)
PS6: I'm adding an 'F' to my absolute faves in their descriptions...