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It only gets better, 15 June 2010

I didn't like the first episode of The Good Guys and I wanted to give up on the show, but something about the characters and the pace made me give the show one more chance - and I'm glad I did.

I think you have to be in a certain mood to enjoy this show. After a long day at work, sitting on the couch and not wanting to think ruined the first episode for me because there is a lot to the plot (there are bad guys who then meet worst bad guys who decide to duke it out and the cops find themselves in the middle), and the comedy could be subtle - so when you listen and pay attention the show is a lot better.

If you didn't like an episode, try watching another when you have a lot less on your plate to deal with.

Avatar (2009)
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Pretty good movie overall, 23 December 2009

James Cameron's newest creation was a thrilling ride, but lacked in story with a few cliché scenes. There were few times I looked down at my watch in boredom.

Jake Sully, an ex-marine willingly takes over his deceased brother's Avatar to feel what it is like to walk once again (in his avatar's body). Bound to a wheelchair, Jake is soon given the opportunity to get the money for surgery if he spied on the Na'vi, a species on the moon Pandora. The Na'vi were nested around a spiritual tree which harvested valuable minerals which the humans wanted.

Of course Jake falls in love with a Na'vi, and the movie gets predictable from that point on. There were also aspects of the film... like the physical connection/network which bonds all creatures on Pandora felt very overdone.

The real amazing part of this film was the computer generated images, and of course the incredible 3D. The experience was just like looking out a window. The colours, plus this new world Cameron built was phenomenal. I feel proud to have this director come from my home city.

This movie was not as good as the Terminator films or Alien, but it definitely was worth my money and I probably will see it again.

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Clint Eastwood's last movie as an actor is a classic!, 8 January 2009

I usually post comments when I try and tell the IMDb community about how I felt towards a movie, whether is was a good or bad feeling. This time though, I am posting a comment on Gran Torino just because it has yet been released and would love to tell the world to make sure they see this stunning classic in theaters.

Clint Eastwood finishes his acting career playing such a hateful, yet lovable character. He growls more than his own dog and he treats the disrespectful like dirt, yet everything he does we seem to learn throughout the movie is done with his heart, not his lack of sincerity.

The thrilling story can also be classified as a comedy. Although clearly not the dominating genre, I laughed more during this movie than I have throughout most comedy's in the 2008 year. There was tons of character development as we got to see Clint Eastwood's character evolve from some monstrous and hateful old jerk to a heartwarming, caring and dedicated neighbor.

The acting though did have it's obvious issues, as most of the cast never acted before this movie. The lack of talent, although annoying at times did give this movie an old classic feeling.

Absolutely amazing movie - 9/10.

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Will Smith does it again!, 6 January 2009

I saw the trailer to the movie and wondered what the movie was about. All I got from the trailer was the movie starred Will Smith and he was on some mission. I wondered why they couldn't just give us a quick synopsis of the movie, but once I watched Seven Pounds, I understood. No words can ever describe the message of this story. Well, let me try without giving away any spoilers: Will Smith once had everything. A life with money, an expensive car, a great job and a wife. He had a big home and dreams. This was until he suffered a great tragedy which turned his life to the worst. He lost everything that meant something to him. As a retaliation he decided to use himself, the one thing he had left to turn the lives of seven special people around for the better.

Will Smith, along with Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson showed their great acting talents once again as all kind hearted people who had something missing from their lives. I though wish we did see more of Woody Harrelson as he played in very few, but necessary and important scenes.

This movie is very much like Will Smith's 2006, The Pursuit of Happiness film. Although I wasn't aware of The Pursuit of Happiness's director, I was sure that Seven Pounds was directed by the same person as I was watching it. The director Gabriele Muccino directed both movies as a slow paced meaningful movie. Although one might get bored at times during the film, ultimately you feel like you gained something from watching it.

If you liked The Pursuit of Happiness, then you will like Seven Pounds. I was lucky enough to love and appreciate The Pursuit of Happiness, so my outlook of Seven Pounds is very positive.


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A road of troubles, but overall a great story., 11 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Based on a novel I never read, this movie is about a father (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who lost his son in a freak hit-and-run accident. Obsessed with finding the killer, he seems to alienate his family and lose control of reality. As time goes on he seems to remember more of the dark dreaded night, such as the SUV which hit and killed his child.

While searching for the killer, he hired a lawyer to take control over the case and communicate with the Police. This lawyer however happened to be the driver of the SUV who hit the poor boy.

The many coincidences which occurs throughout the movie is unbelievable and ridiculous, but it doesn't necessarily ruin the overall message and thrilling story. The cast and acting were amazing and I was thoroughly entertained.

I am rating this movie based on how entertained I was, and how I am sure I will remember this movie in two years from now. There were many dialog scenes and sequences in the film which was very cliché, stupid and unbelievable, but it doesn't stop the fact that this movie was entertaining and thrilling.


Mamma Mia! (2008)
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Should of stayed on stage., 5 August 2008

I went to see the stage performance of Mama Mia! a few years back and loved it. The music brings me back and the story was touching, and I left the theater in high spirits.

The movie on the other hand left me with a totally different feeling. The singing was very forced while they tried to fit the music in with the story. Some times I felt the song fit well into the scene, and other times I wondered what the production crew was thinking.

The movie started promptly, as the very cute Amanda Seyfried places three invitations to her three possible fathers in the mailbox. From this one scene, I felt the hair on my arms stand up. This whole movie was so cliché and cheesy, and definitely meant for the female crowd. This upset me because although the play had the exact same plot, I very much enjoyed it and it seemed like it was meant for both genders.

Now Pierce Brosnan. I just don't know where to start with him. Three women sitting behind me were screaming in my ear every time he appeared on screen, and every minute I hear "OMG he is sooo cute!" And that may be all he is. I don't think I have seen a person who was ever more miss-casted. He can't sing - or he can but his vocals did not fit the song, and it was very noticeable that his voice was digitally enhanced and fixed up with all the cool technology gadgets they have. I never thought I would ever see James Bong sing.

Why do I give this movie a 6 then? Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing. No, she wasn't pretty in this movie. Her hair was a mess the whole time. I don't even think they put make-up on her, and that is what I liked. Her voice is amazing and her acting was incredible (like always), but most of all, she was a mess! She put so much character into Donna, that it made me feel that this movie was just rotating around her.

In the end credits, they are all singing on a stage. WHY? If I want to see them dancing on stage then I would of went to see the actual play with was much better! Some things are better left on stage.

Oh yeah, and the film work was beautiful. I loved the cinematography. If you appreciate that kind of stuff then you may appreciate the work put into this movie.


WALL·E (2008)
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Great movie and message(s)., 1 July 2008

Wall-e was a 700 year old robot and the last of it's kind on Earth. Since garbage and pollution on Earth rose too fast over the 22nd century because no one was "green", the earthlings decided to leave their home planet and live on a massive, technologically advanced ship. Of course with the advancement in technology over the century, some robots can't think for themselves such as the evil "autopilot" which turned rogue. But as you can expect, Wall-e is very smart and can be considered a person as he has the basic feelings of loneliness and the need for a companion.

What makes this movie amazing is the camera-less cinematography. The computer generated images of the deserted Earth is stunning, and throughout the movie I was just magnetized to the amazing scenery. It was done so well that it really makes you feel for the poor robot and makes you want this piece of metal to succeed.

Along with the amazing artwork, this movie is loaded with different messages which can teach morals to the adult and children audiences. Being green and recycling, obesity and loneliness are all very well told, and even though we may already know that pollution is a problem and that exercising is important, this movie really opens our eyes as the story of this one robot's troubles can be related to todays modern society.

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Not too bad, 22 May 2008

I was very hyped up to see this movie when I heard about it's release, and I must say that I was hardly disappointed. I went to see this the first day it opened at the first showing in my theater. The first and third Indiana Jones movie was absolutely amazing, and I was hoping the last movie wouldn't be like the second Indiana Jones film. And it wasn't.

The beginning started off with a blast, but not a shocking blast as the great parts in the beginning were all seen in the trailer. Shia LaBeouf pulled off his Marlon Brando act on his motorcycle as Harrison Ford rambled on about legends that we shockingly soon find out aren't just myths. There were a few (but only a few) dull and cliché moments, but overall I stayed entertained at the most part.

There was this one memorable scene in the movie where Indiana Jones and Cate Blanchett's character Irina Spalko were chasing each other as Shia LaBeouf swung in the trees and Harrison Ford jumped cars. That one scene itself made the entire movie for me.

I was a little upset with John Willams soundtrack for this film. Usually in the past films his music gets you all hyped up, but this soundtrack just didn't seem at par.

The classic Indiana Jones movie were made 18 years ago, and with the advance in film technology the special effects really made this movie look surprisingly less realistic. Although extremely cool, I just couldn't take the second last scene of the movie seriously. With George Lucas aside Spielberg, I am sure you will be able to understand the reasoning for this film being much different special effects wise.

Throughout the theater, I heard everyone laugh, jump in shock and clap in the end. If my surroundings, along with me liked this movie so much, I feel great being able to recommend it to all.

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It lived up to it's promise., 2 March 2008

Before anyone watches this movie, they should be ready to see a repetitive plot which repeats an event over and over again, but the repetitiveness of it makes this movie a March hit! How? IT WORKS!

With every vantage point, you learn a new thrilling clue about the event's which occurred prior to the presidents assassination. Every person has a different story and every story has a different shocking secret to be revealed. With two huge twists (one of them ruined by the trailer), you will feel compelled to see the other vantage points until you ultimately learn the truth to the assassination.

This "A" list cast was amazing at each role they played. Dennis Quaid played a Secret Service Agent who protected the president from a previous assassination attempt years ago and ultimately ended up traumatized. On his first day back to the job, a successful attempt was made on his watch, and he felt the need to solve this case.

Although Quaid's performance was great, Forest Whitaker takes the best-actor's award as he plays a tourist who falls in the middle of the action.

This whole movie was thrilling, suspenseful and interesting which led to an action packed ending with the best cinematography I have seen in years (you will all know the mouth dropping camera work I am talking about when you see the movie).


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Pointless and Predictable., 27 January 2008

I walked into this theater expecting a nice thrilling action movie, but nor was a thrilled or entertained. The trailer makes this movie look so much better than it is.

So this Saw meet Live Free or Die Hard movie was about a hacker who opened up a website which streamed live torcher. The more views the website gets, the higher the counter and the faster the victim dies.

A very unique idea which takes the good parts out of Saw and Die Hard, and yet manages to pull of a pointless movie.

Each kill on the website was all interesting to watch, since it was done Saw style, just with decent taste. The whole cop finding evil hacker gave this movie a very Live Free or Die Hard feel to it.

From the 20 minute mark of this film, I knew what the ending would be before even being introduced to the climax. It was so predictable that a times I thought the director did it purposely. If the movie took a totally different turn half way through then maybe I would of enjoyed it more, but knowing what was going to happen next totally took away the thrill.

The acting in the movie was very strong, and this was the first time in a while which I have seen a movie with a happy ending - but a happy predictable and pointless ending.

Maybe if this movie was scripted better (a lot of the dialog was extremely cheesy)and the plot had a nice twist, than maybe I would call this movie a good thriller, but for now it's thumbs-down. This movie had great potential.

Once you have seen the movie, you should visit - it's very funny.


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