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Gideon's Daughter (2005) (TV)
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A beautiful story of nothing...., 16 February 2007

I have now seen 'Gideon's Daughter' twice and still don't quite know how the man does it, whilst in it's glow you think it the most beautiful and spellbinding story and one wishes that it would never end. But once it does and you stand back, you realise it is actually about nothing at all, weak on story and overly sentimental and abusing the clichéd rules of scriptwriting (no telephone conversations, no narration, no flashbacks etc) with aloof disregard. You suddenly understand that a work of such quality does not have to follow antiquated misguidance, but can exist outside the usual trends and survive purely on it's own merits, characters, dialogue and empathy reign! SEE IT!

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Amityville bore., 17 April 2005

'Amityville' theft, that's it...... What can you say about a film which is a re-make of 'telling of a true story', which was proved to be a hoax a decade ago?

Within minutes of this film opening you realise that it has nothing to offer that hasn't been stolen from other movies. The grey faced girl from 'The Ring' and 'Grudge' is here with her pencilled in veins and greased up hair(wasn't Jody a pig in the original story?), the soundtrack is an mix of copies, with the odd bar of 'Alien' here and there- to an actual exact copy of the theme from TV show 'The Outer Limits' as it's end title! (get the lawyers on that one boys!)

'Poltergeist' effects (not the good ones) are just everywhere, dialogue creates "tell me he didn't just say that" at every turn. The director has no idea how to build suspense (or that feel of dread that gets you watching through your fingers!) he just resorts to on screen 'jumps' and orchestral stabs to keep you awake. The confused direction and unstructured script make it quickly spiral out of control.

Unoriginal, uninspiring and bland. Bad acting, bad direction, ridiculous effects and poor score. If you have already seen it, sorry. If you are thinking of seeing it? just think of this: if you have seen any of the classic horror movies of the last 15 years don't bother, 'Amityville' has nothing new to offer.

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A masterpiece., 17 April 2005

When anyone uses the word 'masterpiece', usually- (as with the phrases;'trust me' or 'dont look') the opposite opinion is encouraged. But with this in mind, never has a movie deserved it's use. 'Bladerunner' for me was and always shall be a riveting watch, from it's stunning visuals to the utter 'vastness' of it's Vangelis soundtrack, it remains the perfect example of 'sum greater than it's parts.' Let's be honest here, split it into it's integral parts and you have the potential for a big-fat-turkey. Sci-fi has to work that much harder anyway, but with 'Bladerunner' things such as an over-baring and sometimes obtrusive score, bad acting, continuity inconsistencies, budget difficulties, the terrible narrative, re-writes, on set arguments? somehow Ridley Scott pulled it off. The movie set the standard, sci-fi COULD be Exiting, scary, sexy and even heart warming, using film making skill- not shiny robots, lasers and big baddies in black.