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Rape Me (2000)
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One Of The Worst French X-rated Porno Movies., 23 March 2014

"Baise Moi" or "Fu.k Me" In English Is one of the worst pornographic French movies I have ever seen.2 real porno stars and horny female whores act in this crappy movie.The script and acting is totally disastrous.Those dirty porno whores don't know how to act,but they know how to sexually arouse men by blowing them and getting unlimited oral and anal pleasure.For porno fans I advise them to rent or buy an adult DVD and not waste their time and money in seeing a disgusting porno French movie that deserves to receive many awards for Worst porno movie,worst direction and worst acting.I am not surprised why the majority of movie fans and critics abhorred "Baise Moi". Even individuals who are addicted to pornography and sex will not enjoy this trash French porno movie.