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Extraordinary depiction of a culture, a children's choir, and a family., 11 October 2007

This remarkable documentary weaves a variety of poignant stories about orphans of the African AIDS epidemic, the uplifting tale of a marvelous children's choir, and the quiet heroism of a family of ten siblings that have lost their parents. It shifts focus from the microcosmic look at a poor black South African family, to a medium range examination of an orphanage that does what it can in its own limited way, to a wide-angled view of the world's perception of the same subject. While not free of sobering truths regarding the epidemic in Africa, it offers some joyous insights into the daily lives of some of its victims, and some wise observations of the role of music in their lives. It's one of those rare experiences that make you happy you're crying, and at the same time make you laugh out loud. I absolutely promise you, you won't be sorry you see this film. Just don't forget the Kleenex.