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Awful; Only one reason to see this movie, Self education, 17 May 2010

The only fun this about this DVD is the first time special on the Special Features section. It is a great extra of that cast talking about their first time having sex. Bring back some good memories. Not worth watching (i.e. renting, downloading, buying) the movie. If you can find the extra somewhere online, watch the extra feature. Do not waste your time with it. There is only one reason to see this movie (DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE, rent it), to see what not to do if you are making a movie; i.e. writing, directing, or producing; on a low budget. The music is good for a extremely low budget movie. This movie has two lessons in it, 1. What not to do when making a movie. 2. That Hollywood still knows how to make really bad movies.