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Another Nicely written Comic Hero!, 20 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

There were quite a few movies that have sprang form the cloth woven by the Caped Crusader back in '89, and many of those smelled worst than my feet on a summer evening( namely "Batman & Robin" of that franchise). But among the farts that came, there were several gems that shown bright than Ole' GL's ring. And speaking of GL, Green Lantern was definitely one of them.

Now I know, said by many people even those I know, that this isn't the original Hal Jordan and that Reynold's performance wouldn't be up to the original's par, and maybe they're right. But considering that the story was re-written and expanded less than ten years ago, one can't go to the two-dimensional version and expect that story. For one, it wouldn't work and two, no one would watch it. Now, pushing that all aside, this was a good film, going to the same level as the first(good)Fantastic Four and maybe even better. A great cast, compelling and dazzling visuals, and a well knit story. Green Lantern made a memorable mark on the comic world and Reynolds made the character his own, with just enough flare that you felt for the character, but not too over-the-top that he was campy. And of course Mark Strong's Sinestro stole the show.

I really enjoyed the film, but there were parts that made me cringe, mainly the villain development. It was a bit lacking and not really what I would consider a menace. Tomar-Re and Kilowag didn't feel all too real for me, even in 3D. The voice-acting from Rush and what I believe is Richardson was great and the only thing that gave the doll-like characters life. But, back to the villain. I had more feeling whether Sinestro would go all Anakin-Vader style evil than whether the actual "bad" guy was bad. Not a great choice in my book.

All in all, GL was enjoyable and worth a see, even in 3D. So, check it out.

"Iron Man" (1994)
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Shellhead at his best......mostly, 28 June 2008

In an age where animated features that had more than just the simplistic bluntness of such shows like Animaniacs or Tiny Toons, a show that had more to say or rather show was extremely rare. The WB or rather Fox delved into what was only seen in Anime, a cartoon that wasn't a cartoon. Batman: The Animated Series reshaped what was considered the only way comic 'toons was to be done. The X-Men re-introduced the world to comic 'toons after the "Superfriends" era, but it was Iron Man, or rather its second season; we try to forget the first one, that really expanded the world of comic 'toons. In fact, it took the "cartoon" away from such features.

To be honest, when Iron Man started, it was crappy. The artwork was a bit too detailed and the voice acting hurt the ears spoiled by such talents from WB animation. The plots for the show were more childish then necessary. Simply, I hated it and didn't miss it when it disappeared, along with its kindred of similarly pathetic story-telling, Fantastic Four.

But, in 1995, the series, along with the four in blue, returned with not only more stylish animation that didn't turn the stomach, voice action that had a sense of professionalism, and even the theme took on a style of its own that was really one of the best out there at the time. I was saddened, this time, when the series didn't return with a third season, but was hoping to see it back in some form or another.

Thankfully, and in awesome style, shell-head did return in one of the best films,in regards to comic book movies, since Batman Begins. Iron Man became a feature film in May 2008 and it was awesome. I still haven't seen this animated series come out on DVD as yet, but I have a feeling that it will eventually( the lack-luster animated antics of Fan Four came out on DVD the same year as it's first, good movie, so who knows).

Even though it wasn't the best series to Marvel's credit, it was still, for me, the best introduction to Iron Man in animation. I can't wait to see it....again.

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Decent, stylish, but VERY Familiar, 1 October 2007

I just caught the new supernatural series premiere of CBS's new show, MOONLIGHT. To be honest, I liked the first episode, but after seeing countless shows of this natural, it seems to repetitive.

Now don't get me wrong, MOONLIGHT isn't a bad show. It's compelling, stylish and has characters that are very interesting. I have to say I have finally found a show to replace the void left by STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE and STARGATE: SG1 and a show that isn't another CSI copycat. Even though the show is somewhat cool, it seems way to familiar to some of it's predecessors--Remember a show called FOREVER KNIGHT, or a more recent one ANGEL? In fact the first episode is a blending of some of the previously mentioned series' episodes. And the vamp-does-good thing is a bit old.

Well, the show may some its flaws, but it is a welcome addition to a night that is getting more boring and repetitive by the hour.

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Highlander has never looked better, 10 June 2007

I have just purchased HIGHLANDER: THE SEARCH FOR Vengeance from my local wally-world and I was blown away from the very beginning.

I'm a bit familiar with the body of work that the crew at madhouse have done (NINJA SCROLL AND X come to mind) and I have to say that this one is the best yet from him. I'm also glad that the guys who brought HIGHLANDER to life in the first place had a hand with it.

I won't ruin the story for those that are reading this review, but if you are familiar with anime and the sweeping style that comes with it, as well as the movies that I've mentioned, then you will not be disappointed.

Watch it, rent it, buy it! Enjoy it.

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A bit cheesy, but fun, 7 January 2007

I have seen quite a few superhero films, some good, some REALLY awful. I have also seen the original BLACK MASK, though this one doesn't come anywhere near the style of the original, BLACK MASK 2, is still a decent movie.

I'll agree with many that this film was a bit too cheesy and campy, even for a superhero film, but considering that some of the big-budget films that have come both before and after weren't any better, I'd give this film at least a six for effort and a seven for the main star, Andy On. He's no Jet Li,(who is?), but he did a great job in this film and I think I would like to see him in many more like this one, if not a better written one.

All in all, BLACK MASK 2, isn't a bad film and I think that it is worth at least a rent or two.

Beefcake (1998)
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A great display of pre-Playgirl history, 15 October 2006

I was curious mostly about this movie. Not being one to pass up on seeing a movie based on information or history I took a chance and watched it on the HERE! network a couple of years ago. It was better than I expected.

Ignoring the continuous display of frontal male nudity (which didn't offend me in the least), This film was very informative and entertaining. The interviews opened my eyes to a part of history that I have only read about. It is a pity that this film didn't get more exposure, but I believe that the "exposure" on screen would and probably did prevent any real showcasing in worldwide theaters.

I think that anyone who likes to know what occurred in the past in regards to pre-stonewall life should watch this film. And if anyone who just wants to see guys in the nude without the sex involved, will like it too. In any case, it's really interesting.

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Definitely not a Matirx 3, but not the X'men's best, 9 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First of all, X3 wasn't a bad movie. In references to being titled an action movie, it hits the mark and really keeps you at your seat. The bonus scene at the end(and no, I won't say what it is) does get you to think that there may be an X4...who knows really. However, as a person who has grown beyond the need for useless violence in movies, it doesn't hit the mark.

I just rented this movie to see if I could make a spot for it in my heart to perhaps buy it in the future(and to see the bonus scene, since I left without catching it). I went to the theaters to see this film with all of the expected anticipations that any fan of a cool franchise would have. I had hoped that the rumors about the director not knowing what he was doing, about the rumors that Singer(who I really think should have done this film--watch it and you will understand why) had taken his best writers with him to do the awesome comic book film, SUPERMAN RETURNS, and that this film was done mostly to make Ms. Berry happy, wouldn't be true. For the most part, some of them were true. The story did nothing more than shaft my hopes in the aft sections; it was baseless. Many characters were introduced without really putting a reason why they were there in the first place. The dark Phoenix was in this film and let me tell you, they really should have thought this one through. Instead of a tried and true character that we were all expecting to see, they delivered an angry child that really didn't come off as being that threatening. Also, if done correctly, this should have been the main focus of the film instead of the real plot that sounded more like a 1940's film plot than a believable story. Furthermore, killing off the two main characters in less than an hour in a way that really seemed more of an insult to their reason for being there, just made things worse.

True, this is a very exciting film. If you forget the others as many did with the first BATMAN film franchise in reference to the last of that franchise, it really is. And don't worry, this one is not anything like THAT monstrosity of a comic book film. It really is good, but it's not an X-men film. Like another franchise that forgot about its roots(ironically, Patrick Stewart was a part of that as well), this one unintentionally sets itself apart from the other two in a way that shouldn't happen ( it is a TRILOGY).

I'm still debating on whether to buy this movie at twenty dollars or wait until it drops in price and maybe not feel as guilty in getting something I don't completely love. I'm an advent collector of anything, especially action films, so we will see.

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One of Decoteau's best, 5 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to admit that I was impressed by this film. Though it did have the usual thin acting(something you usually get with fresh-faces) and shitty special effects, but its story, for a Decoteau film, had some rather deep layers.

Out of all of the actors in this film, the main star, Matt Twining, was very good. Besides for being visually stunning(a very attractive guy), his acting was the only one in this film that didn't feel forced or even wooden. He made you want to feel for his character, Cory. The ending was a very big surprise, for the most part. I did notice some similarities to THE SIXTH SENSE in the way it ended and had some of the subtle clues to the real reason for the school and the disappearances of the students throughout the film.

The staple mark of Decoteau where there is a thin hint to homo-eroticism was not as evident in this film. Don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong in appreciating the male physique( and there were some very attractive physiques in here too), but it can be sort of redundant and obvious. This time, the male-body showcase fitted into the film.

I won't reveal anymore of the film, you'll just have to see it. Be certain to have an open mind and a very tolerate stomach for B movies. Though I have to say, this one could move to an A-movie very quickly.

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Thank god the series was not like this, 5 August 2006

I just watched BABYLON 5:THE GATHERING DVD again, mostly because I haven't watched it in a while.....I can see why. I haven't seen such cold and wooden acting from a movie in quite a while. Some of the actors did migrate to the series that were good in their assigned roles(Garabaldi, Delenn, G'Kar, Londo). Unfortunatedly, The really bad actor, Michael O'hare came along as well.

As compared to his "supposed" TV counterpart, Cmdr. Sisko from DS9, this guy is extremely weak and the actor seemed to force out the words and didn't really have a strong presence on the movie or the series that followed. I was relieved that he was replaced by the FAR better actor, Bruce Boxleitner.

Tamilyn Tomita is a marvelous and very attractive woman and actress. I, however didn't think she fit in this role. As compared to her TV counterpart, Major Kira from DEEP SPACE NINE, she was very boring and seemed to try TOO much to be forceful when she really wasn't. The support actor, especially in the C and C area, were even worse than the main characters( except the late Mr. Katsulas. he was great, as usual).

To make this short, and not to reveal too much here. BABYLON FIVE: THE GATHERING was not a great movie, but it did open the door to a great series, so you can't completely dismiss it, even if you really should.

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The Best and still the coolest...., 28 June 2006

I have just recently purchased collection one of this awesome series and even after just watching three episodes, I still am mesmerized by sleek styling of the animation and the slow, yet thoughtful actions of the story-telling. I am still a fan.....with some minor pains.

Though this installment into the Gundam saga is very cool and has what the previous series had-a stylish satiric way of telling about the wrongs of war and not letting go of the need to have control or power over everything(sound familiar?), I have to say that this one gets a bit too mellow-dramatic on continuing to explain the lives of the main characters and their incessant need to belly-ache about every thing that happens and what they need to do to stop the OZ group from succeeding in their plans(especially the character called Wufei...I mean he whines more than an American character on a soap opera. Get a counselor,will ya?)

Besides for the over-exaggerated drama(I think that mostly comes from the dubbing of the English voice actors), this series is still very exciting and will still captivate me once again. I mean it can always be worse. It could be like the recent installment, SEED......eeeewwww, talk about mellow-dramatic....I'll chat about that one later.

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