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Godzilla (2014)
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Saw the New Godzilla Film last night and..., 16 May 2014

it kicked ass! A H-U-G-E improvement over the 1998 Tri-Star bastardization(I know, that's not saying a whole helluva lot but still..). A very intelligent, plausible approach that wasn't insulting to your intelligence & stayed faithful to Godzilla's true origins. The film had Lots of drama & excitement plus a few surprises. There's also a new nemesis for the big guy that can only be described as a cross between the monster from Cloverfield & Gaos (from the 90's Gamera films). Can't really go into too much detail without possibly spoiling it for others.

Positives: Good story arc (kind of reminded me a little of the plot from "Gamera Guardian of the Universe"). Great performances from Bryan Cranston & the guy who played Dr. Serizawa etc.. Good (not great)monster action. The tsunami & various other scenes of chaos & destruction are awesome.

Negatives: Godzilla is all CGI & that might take some getting use to especially for those traditionalists like myself who grew up with the suitmation approach. Godzilla is thicker in the body & neck & his roar is slightly different. Don't worry though, his atomic breath remains intact but is not over-used. The other negative might be that they went a little long on the human drama. It also would've been a nice touch that as the credits rolled at the end they would've used Ishiro Honda's original Godzilla theme music.

Overall: A definite see for fans of the Big G. 8/9 out of 10

Welcome to Rob Zombie's Crapfest part 2..., 1 October 2010

Finally saw Robie Zombie's 'Halloween II' & was wondering if anyone here could please tell me what the *beep* I just saw (& don't say the obvious "a horror or slasher film")? Because what a convoluted cliché ridden mess of a film H2 truly is. I thought RZ's Halloween was a shameless bastardization of the MM character but, that film still had some decent moments in it. But H2, outside of the brutality had really nothing going for it. Multiple Laurie dream sequences, weird ass white horse & mommy moments, Michael looking like Grizzly Adams, Dr. Loomis going from a concerned, professional psychiatrist in the 1st film to a self absorbed, money grubbing whore with no conscience, Michael's body missing for 2 full years & yet nobody seemed concerned? When the film started out, I thought, "hey this might be pretty decent afterall" with everybody getting hacked to $hit, a body pit filled with butchered hospital staff & Laurie trying to escape etc.. just like in the original H2. But alas, it all went downhill FAST after that (Weird Al-in a horror film?? C'Mon!!). Just like in the first film, I didn't enjoy or care for the characters & Loomis was the least likable. Michael Myers might as well have been Jason Vorhees for all intents & purposes, the ending was terrible & lastly, I never ever felt like I was watching a Halloween film. I rented H2 for 50 cents & in truth that's about all it was worth. The scuttlebutt around the net is that they are planning a H3. Good god I hope not! 4/10.

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Another solid effort from DC animation studios, 30 September 2010

"Superman/Batman Apocalypse" is yet another winner from DC Animation. Good story, great chemistry between all the characters, lots of action/fights & pretty good animation. The story takes place after the events of the excellent "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies". I wish I could go into specifics on how S/B Apocalypse starts out but it would give away the ending of S/B PE. A meteor crashes in Gotham Harbor & of course Bats checks it out. It is a ship with strange writings on it. After many awesome mishaps, it is discovered that the lone occupant of said spacecraft is none other than Superman's cousin from Krypton who is confused, scared & highly destructive. Superman of course wants to give her a chance, Batman doesn't trust her & smells trouble. Now before any of you here start to think " Oh great, a Barbie movie with Supergirl" let me reassure you, it's definitely not. She's never even referred to once as "Supergirl" during the course of the film. Wonder Woman, Darkseid & yes, even Doomsday make significant appearances in the film (especially Darkseid who has his own evil designs for the cousin of Superman). Overall: a 8/10 & one definitely worth checking out even for casual fans.

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The Best Batman film to date bar NONE (including TDK), 30 July 2010

Just saw/bought 'Batman: Under The Red Hood' and it's FANTASTIC! The best Batman film I've seen bar none (& yes that includes TDK). A solid 10 out of 10. The Storyline is very captivating, well told & the characters are very strong. We get a deeper look into all the emotional baggage Batman has to carry with him all the way to the grave. The Red Hood, is a very interesting character study especially as the film unfolds & we start to suspect who he might be. The Joker is even more evil in this film than I've ever seen him be. In fact, he's so far removed from being like the 1990's incarnation as to make even Heath Ledger's portrayal look almost sympathetic by comparison. The very beginning of B:UTRH is startling, disturbing & not soon to be forgotten. In short, this Batman film is not to be missed especially if you're a fan of The Dark Knight.

Predators (2010)
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Predators: A step down from All the others including AVP & AVP2, 15 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Man is this film a MAJOR disappointment. I found the entire premise ridiculous even for a Sci-Fi film. A Predator(s) somehow collecting all those lowlifes from wherever with no one ever noticing or seeing anything (not even the captives themselves)& depositing them on another planet to hunt later.O'KAY!! Why not just hunt them here on Earth just like in the first 2 films? Why go through all that complicated bull$hit? What amazes me is most of the folks here who bitched about AvP & AvP:Requiem allegedly being crap, don't seem to notice or care that the same elements that they disliked in those 2 films are present in this one. Predator helping a human against ANOTHER PREDATOR no less NOT an alien species. Not only that but help him try to steal their only ride off the planet?-C'mon! The woman in AvP at least proved her worth & honor in battle against the Aliens & saving the life of a Predator. This guy in Predators-not so much. Why didn't the Predator just kill him then battle the other predator? Also "Predators" contained a group of boring ass characters. I didn't care half as much about them as I did Arnold's or Danny Glover's groups. Also "Predators" was a virtual retelling of the 1st film. And now there is supposedly a inner-species war between the elders & the younger predators-wtf? In retrospect maybe they should've gone with that storyline a bit more. And Topher Grace's character no more looked or acted like a convincing serial Killer than Pinnocho from Shrek. I know he tried to come across like a Ted Bundy but failed. And finally, wtf is Laurence Fishburne doing in this picture-a filled out filler? Not to shabby for a guy allegedly living on scraps on a foreign planet for a decade no less? These group predators looked like & acted like a tamed-down versions of their kin from Predator 2. Where were the different weapons they used (I.e. the net, the spear,the disc etc..)? At least with AVP we saw something fun & different with a further insight into the honor & hunting codes of the predator clans. With "Predators"-nada! I like AvP Requiem better (yes I said it!) because it was more fun-more carnage, gore, mayhem & suspense. It took them decades to make another Predator movie & this is the best they could do? Damn, I haven't felt this letdown since I went to see George A Romero's rancid "Land of The Dead" movie. 6/10

Hulk Vs. (2009) (V)
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All you fans of ole' "Jade Jaws", this ones for you!, 31 January 2009

The DVD has two relatively short stories, Hulk vs Thor & Hulk Vs Wolverine. Hulk vs Thor is the best of the two & the action is off the charts. The story is well conceived & well executed & the animation is good (not great but good). I'd give a brief synopsis of Hulk vs Thor but I'm afraid it would give to much of the plot away.

Hulk Vs Wolverine,is also pretty good in its' own right, but the fight scenes between Hulk & Wolverine aren't nearly as extensive as in Hulk vs Thor. And much of the story has to do more with Wolverine, his past & all the troubles that come with it (meaning SaberTooth, Lady DeathStrike, etc..). The ending is quite inconclusive & kind of a disappointment. And in case anybody is thinking "kiddie cartoon", guess again! It's got plenty of blood & violence to warrant it's PG-13 rating. Definitely one for the fans.

Rating 9 Large Green Fists out of 10

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Like GORT, this film is a HUGE disappointment., 14 December 2008

I got 4 words for you. "Stick with the original". Why? 1)The ending negates the entire purpose of Klatu's visit. 2)Yes, GORT is all CGI & is a huge disappointment. 3)The message is not the same as in the first film & is not as clear cut. 4)Keannu Reaves showed more acting range in "The Mattrix" than in this film (aka he's more robotic than even GORT was from the original). 5) The demonstration of alien power to mankind is totally pointless because it comes AFTER an even more powerful demonstration takes place. It's a real shame too because the way T.D.T.E.S.T remake started out with such promise of something special but 2/3 of the way it fell apart; the message lost, GORT reduced to a Biblical style joke coupled with a muddled ending. I would add more but, it might spoil it for others who may still want to see the film. If you must see this flick, I suggest renting it when it comes out on DVD. Spending anymore than $3.00 to see this movie is a waste of $$.

Iron Man (2008)
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One of THE BEST Marvel Movie Adaptations Since X-Men 2 & Spiderman 2, 2 May 2008

I caught a matinée showing of Iron Man today & let me tell ya, if you're a Marvel fan, you won't be disappointed (& I don't even consider myself an Iron Man fan)! Robert Downey Jr. does a fabulous job, the CGI is not really noticeable, The SPFX compliments the film & doesn't overwhelm it. The characterizations are strong & likable, good dialog & plot & the action level is just right. Even if you're not a comic book fan or even a big fan of Iron Man, you should still find plenty of well paced entertainment & fun from this picture. Definitely a 10/10 in my book. My only hope is that The upcoming "Incredible Hulk" film is done this well.

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Cloverfield: A thinly veiled soap opera disguised as a "monster movie", 18 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Let me get right to the point. This film sucks major AS$!! One hour & 25 minutes of run time & MAYBE 1 minute total of actual footage of the monster. Plain & simple, Cloverfield is nothing more than a soap opera that incidentally has some ambiguous giant monster with a few cheap scares thrown in. And to make matters even worse, the film is done entirely with a hand held digital camera & the inept individual holding it either has had too much caffeine or it's his first time using the damn thing. Because it's all over the place. My seven year old could've done better camera work-WORD!! We actually get more footage of the ground than we do of giant monster mayhem-no lie. And the first 20 minutes of Cloverfield will bore you to tears with vacuous frat party chattering that amounts to nothing more than filler. No explanation of where the beast came from, how it got here, why it is attacking New York... in fact no real ending to the film. Even the critter's progeny aren't given enough air time & they resemble 2nd rate leftovers from "Starship Troopers" One other note to pass along; most folks when they are being attacked & gnawed on by let's say a pit bull are not worried about their damn camera. They're interested in just one thing-RUNNING! But not in Cloverfield! Also, most folks I know do NOT want a camera stuck in their face non-stop when they are having a personal crisis/tragedy (but gee they're just so darn tolerant in Cloverfield). So the argument some may use of "realism" to defend this rancid turd of a film is laughable. The producers of Cloverfield obviously must have seen the success of "The Blair Witch Project" and thought to themselves; "WOW! Hey let's cash in! Except we'll have a giant ambiguous monster instead of a witch legend." Problem with that is, once word gets out on how rotten this film truly is, they won't even come close to the box office take of TBWP. Warning: If you're prone to motion sickness DO NOT see this film because you WILL be queasy before the credits roll.

Bloodstone's recommendation: Save your money & go rent Peter Jackson's King Kong or a cheesy Godzilla film. Both would be vastly more entertaining & you won't even need to take a Dramamine before hand.

BloodStone's Rating: 2 out of 10

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Better than I expected........., 14 December 2007

"I am Legend" is actually (I really hate to say this being a HUGE Vincent Price fan) better than "Last Man On Earth.'Legend' is very reminisent of 28 Weeks Later & "The Descent" in regards to the appearance & mannerisms of the sub-human beings who dwell in the darkness. The air-born plague in Legend is also very similar to 'The Rage Virus' of the 28 Days/Weeks films in that these sub-humanoids are as violent & unrelenting. They are NOT the shambling weaklings of director Ubaldo Ragona's 1964 film (which in turn asks the question; why aren't they given their present situation?). I am Legend does contain a fair amount of suspense with very little to no blood or gore. And I fear that will be it's undoing at the box office because Legend's two recent predecessors "28 Weeks Later" & "The Descent" had more than their fair share of the crimson goo. Irregardless, I am Legend is still a very good (albeit not an original) film, with a very solid performance by Will Smith who plays Colonel Dr. Robert Neville (this is what now, the 3rd time Will Smith cinematically tries to save the world). However, I wouldn't be surprised if Will Smith doesn't pick up his second Oscar nomination for his performance in this film. *Note; I have not read the novel by author Richard Mattheson so I do not know how the film compares to its' literary counterpart.

BloodStone's Recommendation: I am Legend is a good film & one worth buying a ticket for.

BloodStone's Rating: 8 out of 10

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