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Paul Walker & Cameron Bright's best performances., 21 June 2006

This movie was gritty and crafted very carefully for everything to fall in place at the end.

Cameron Bright, you might have seen in Birth and Godsend, is a very strong actor, not just as a kid. His performance was incredible, much blessings to him and his career.

Now with Paul Walker, he has finally proved critics wrong by going outside the box. I was shocked, *not shocked - all due respect Paul. I was glad to see his talent blossom on screen and make me forget I'm seeing Paul, but really looking at Joey Gazelle (the new york Italian accent and all).

I really wish the critics would have gave this film better ratings, It deserved a 2 thumbs up. That's what deterred me from seeing this movie in theaters, until I saw it on DVD. I loved it and will recommend this to everybody I know. Big ups to the director, screenwriter and the whole cast.

Also Vera Farmiga, who played T. (Teresa Gazelle) was terrific, kudos to her performance. I hope to see her in other great films soon.

"Eve" (2003)
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Great Show! Great cast!, 2 February 2006

I love the show. I've been watching it since it first aired. I've grown with the cast and love the story lines. Since there are 6 main characters it's easy to for the writers to create good scripts.

Eve proves herself as a wonderful actress and secures a possible permanent career in acting with the character she plays, Shelly. The two partners of the business, Diva Style, Ali Landry(Mario Lopez's ex-wife) and Natalie Desselle(BAPS) add continual hilarity to the sitcom. And even tho Shelly and her ex-love, J.T. (Jason George), are not together; they still maintain a friendship as well as with his two best-friends Nick(Brian Hooks) & Donovan(Sean Maguire).

The characters are fun, lovable, and crazy. The story is not drug out like "Girlfriends". And I hope the show isn't shutdown b/c of the new CW network UPN & WB is forming.

Regardless of what someone else said. I'm a fan of the show, and I know a good show when I see one. This show is hilarious! I will miss UPN when it's gone.