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Brilliant, 23 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a Coen brothers fan so be aware of that if you're looking for a review from someone less inclined to like the movie than me. The movie has everything I like. Great characters, memorable scenes and lines. In a jazz sort of way what I actually like best is what isn't said.

The movie is set in rural west Texas. It does an excellent job creating the remote, slow pace of the area with silence. In dialogue and in settings there's more empty space than you might expect in a movie. To me that captures the culture of west Texas.

Great performances up and down the cast from people who aren't Texans but sound like it to a lifetime native resident like me. This is a movie I'll stop down for any time I roll through the guide and see it on. If you like the Coen brothers or somehow haven't seen any of their work give it a look.

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dreadful, 16 February 2013

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I know this review (if anyone reads it) will get way more negative votes than positive ones. It easily makes my list of worst movies I have actually finished of all time with McClintock, Twilight and Bus Stop. There are other worse movies that I have turned off.

Nothing about this was funny. Perhaps all the things that are clichéd to me were new 75 years ago when this movie was released. Even if that is so it doesn't help my opinion of it today. I honestly believe I would have found them clichéd even in the movie's own age. To think of other similarly released films like Gone With the Wind and then to consider how backward and simple this movie is only underscores how out of place it is in our time. There is only so much hapless buffoon I can take in a movie. This film crossed that threshold and left it in the dust before the first minute had passed. Then there were 87 more of those minutes.

The female lead is not as bad as Charlie Chaplin. For what it's worth her physical appearance reminds me a bit of Emily Deschanel of Bones fame. It may be that she is on screen less and thus doesn't wear as thin as Charlie does.

Bus Stop (1956)
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brutally bad, 4 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love Marilyn Monroe and have consistently rated her movies above the IMDb average. This, however, was unbelievably bad. Start with her butchered southern accent that came and went during the film. The Marilyn I love has the sexy, breathy voice. This was like a bad country singer.

Add the incomprehensible decisions her character makes. The suitor is a starter kit for spouse abuse. Even his awakening is short lived. When he changes for Cherie he goes 180 again demanding that his buddy comes home with him. How she ended up on the bus I don't know. How the driver let her on the bus I don't know. Then at the bus stop the driver realized finally the situation on his hands When he's not abusing her the lead is no more coherent a character. Maybe cowboys in the 50's were different, but to imagine someone so completely unaware of the world around him that he has never interacted with women, nor city traffic shatters any tie this movie has to the real world.

Stick to anything else Marilyn ever did and be happy. How people think this is among her best performances boggles my mind. I couldn't wait for the movie to be over and in fact had to stop the movie twice to clear my head.

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way too slow, 6 June 2012

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I feel like I was sold a bill of goods. The first half of this movie was not what I came to see. And most of the last quarter for that matter. I think the movie would work much better with a basic framework like Saving Private Ryan. Set me up in the present but let the body of the movie deal with the past. That's a much more interesting subject than what they went with.

Throw in how quick the titular and pivotal scene is and the movie is simultaneously plodding and rushed. And the jarring back and forth between her second choice of Stingo or Nathan. I'm not a psychiatrist, but I got whiplash in the back and forth. I can see from her background how that might have happened. I have trouble seeing from Stingo's point of view why he'd expect anything different.

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very entertaining, 30 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a huge fan of Jenna Fischer. We saw this at the USA Film Festival in Dallas. Jenna and Lee did a Q&A after the film. She mentioned not wanting to do a traditional romantic comedy where the girl falls for the guy who doesn't act like he likes her. They got it right.

In addition to the romance elements the movie speaks very well to people who aren't happy with a formulaic life. Janice and Tim don't want the same things out of life that their friends think they should want. The film captures the isolation they feel as they make their way together. The importance of being true to what you are is well demonstrated.

To top it all off the back story of the movie is just as fun. Jenna and Lee found each other through the making of this movie. She joked that it's easier to find a man, fall in love and have a baby than to get an independent film made. I'm very happy for them both in their personal success and in this very enjoyable movie. Find the movie in a small theatre near you, or check it out on demand.

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worst episode of all 7 seasons, 21 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am a big fan of the show. But this episode was so, so horrible. I already know I'm in the minority. The Andy/Erin story was cute. But the rest is unbearable. I'll start with Michael and Holly. Their scenes are so out of character for her. As the HR rep of all people she knows what they're doing is way, way out of line. I have no idea how the writers can feel she'd do that.

But really it is Jim and Pam that bring out my anger. Yes I romanticize them. Yes Pam has been known to drink too much. Yes she's known to be overly affectionate when she's had too much. But for no real reason they decided to cheapen this relationship. I thought they'd saved it when Ryan called them on what they were going to do. I could have lived with that. But to have them straggle back in at the end where everyone knows just sickens me.

It was the start of a terrible arc for Pam. Continuing into corporate fraud for Andy, timekeeping fraud for Darryl and just straight skipping work for herself to watch a movie. I really wished she'd have missed Michael's goodbye. At least then when she came back to normal at season's end I could look back and say that she learned a lesson. Why Jenna would go along with all of that I just simply can't understand.

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and now there's peace, 15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Be warned. I will spoil if you haven't seen the episode. Five years and over 100 episodes for this moment. And it delivers big time. Slightly drunk Jim telling Pam they should talk forever. Andy's injury. Dwight's wolf shirt. Kevin's destroyed shoes. The scene with him and the ice machine. Michael's painting and the other painting he doesn't show us.

But as great as the laughs were this episode never could be fully or even mostly about that. Hidden in the insanity of this office is a real love story. It has always been there. We know it's more than just about everyone can hope for in real life. But some of us do get to live it. The rehearsal dinner speech. Jim cutting his tie for Pam. Everything on the boat going right this time.

His last line gives romantics everywhere a reason to keep it alive. "I knew as soon as I saw that video we'd need a backup plan. The boat was actually plan C. The church was plan B. And plan A was marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her." I hope everyone everywhere finds the person that lets them say this same thing. It will be worth whatever the cost.

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when life works out, 15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Oh there's spoilers for sure here. If you haven't seen the episode this will ruin it. Dwight as boss. Andy as #2. Hmm it could happen again couldn't it? Jan melts down. Schrutebucks. Ryan somehow leapfrogging the corporate ladder. Lots going on in this episode (as season finales often deliver).

If there was ever an episode to convince a person that love exists this is the one. 50 episodes in (more or less) with all Jim and Pam have been through (admittedly self-inflicted mostly) we have our payoff. That's what makes this such a perfect story. Who of us hasn't done the wrong thing at the wrong time to make life miserable on ourself? Pam said she couldn't when she should have said she could. Jim waited until right before her wedding to get the courage to say what he should have said how many times before? He moved away. She got back with Roy. It was never going to work out.

And then it did. "Don't forget us when you're famous" with a tin yogurt lid and paper clips. Not going to be one of Hallmark's best sellers. But for one guy and one girl it was perfect. Perfect enough for him to leave an interview for a promotion he was sure to get. Perfect enough to give up a good relationship. Perfect enough to drive two hours just for the chance. Perfect enough to risk a friendship the likes of which neither of them would see again. "You've got to take a chance on something" he told her. It's for the one time it works that we endure the 99 times it doesn't.

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a fire walk for the heart, 15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The review for this episode was by someone who at the least doesn't like Pam. I won't claim to be objective either. But you're going to get a review from someone who loves that character rather than hates her.

Pam has tried hard all through season three to grow. We find out at the beginning of the season that she didn't marry Roy and has moved out on her own. When Jim comes back she's excited, but then disappointed when she finds out he's with Karen. She finally starts taking art classes. She hosts a show and no one except for Michael talks to her there. Oscar and Gil make fun of her art. Jim doesn't come. She's not perfect. She gets back together with Roy when depressed at Phyllis' wedding.

She literally walks across fire in this episode. And that's not the hardest thing (for her) that she does. She finally tells Jim he was right about them. Is it too late? I'm sure you already know the answer that it wasn't. When I watched the episode it was a couple of years after originally airing (I was late on the bandwagon). I knew that they'd get together some day. I didn't know when it would happen. But even if it had been a long time later I was so proud of her character for finally coming out with the truth she'd tried to hide so long.

I'm sorry the earlier reviewer didn't like the episode. If you're a fan of The Office I find it hard to believe (and the 6 other people who've seen that review agree with me) you'll dislike this episode.

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wait til the end, 15 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They do this to us every time. And I wouldn't have them do it any other way. The episode is fine through the beginning. Michael's away on a trip to Canada and he takes Andy and Oscar with him. Disaster follows. Andy tries to set Oscar up with guys that aren't gay. Andy then drunk dials Angela. Michael misses Holly and tells Wallace off. Inspite of all that he still makes the sale.

Pam has to stay in NYC after she failed a class. Jim is awesome (isn't he always?) and tells her she should stay and take the class even though he wants her to come home so badly. She's really torn up about letting him down but she's going to stick it out. All that would give this maybe a 7 or 8 rating. Keep in mind that's an Office 7 or 8. Not a 7 or 8 compared to what's usually on TV.

And then there's the end. Just like in Casino Night, The Job, Niagara, etc. We think we've got an ending and that's when the fun starts. The episode page here at IMDb has the clip. It's one of the prettiest scenes I've ever seen of Jenna. And I'm a huge fan of hers. The lighting has everything to do with it. If you want to know why they call it the "golden hour" in film you need look no further than this scene. The sun glows off her hair and face. She's not dressed up like in Casino Night or Niagara. I'd still argue she's never looked better.

And then Dwight has to ruin it. But that's life and that's what The Office does so well. They couldn't get in the car and go home perfectly because life isn't perfect. But life isn't about being perfect. It's about having moments like the one these characters have.

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