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Inception (2010)
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Ridiculously pretentious. A confusing mess. To be missed., 19 July 2010

I would have walked out of this film 30 minutes into it, if I went alone to the theater. Anyway, to sum it up: This film was a torture to sit through. Do the directors think that every audience member has an attention deficit disorder? The film tried SO hard to blast the audience away with special effects and quick editing every other 5 seconds that it forgot a storyline. Leading to my point, what the was the film about? I still have no idea, nor do I care to know. It was a confusing mess. And I could care less about any character in the film either. I was actually hoping to fall asleep in the film because it would have been a better well spent two hour dream than this nightmare of a film! But all the noise of the film wound up giving me nothing but a headache. They should have a discount for an aspirin on the back of the ticket because you will need one after seeing this film. For a real sci-fi film that is completely brilliant and moving, go rent MOON (2009). MOON only had a budget of 3 million, with only one person starring in the whole film, and it had more beauty in it than this inception disaster could ever dream about.

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Castellitto is amazing., 18 April 2005

I really enjoyed this film. I think that Sergio Castellitto was brilliant. He is one of my favorite actors and he did not disappoint me at all in this film. I recommend that you rent it if you are in the mood for a very interesting story and great acting. Yes, it was one of those films where you interpret the ending, but so much the better. I like to think after a film and not be fed any formulaic plot-- which this film did not follow at all. I hope Sergio Castellitto continues to get cast in these great roles. I loved him in "Ne Quittez Pas" too! Oh, it's too bad that these films don't get released in America though! Euros can get kind of pricey!