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Don Jon (2013)
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Great start..., 29 January 2014

The acting and direction were excellent. Not surprised by that though with Joseph Gorden-Levitt and the rest of the cast. I was really looking forward to watching it and initially it was all that I expected and hoped for. But then this film that started off as an insightful and realistic portrayal of men and their views/ perceptions of, and interactions with, sex went off the rails and became a train-wreck. Unfortunately it suddenly and disappointingly spiraled into an unrealistic and pointless " really ARE sensitive!" 'chick flick'. Men only care about their egos and how things effect their egos. Sex impacts their egos and so they care about sex. How to get it, get more of it, and how other men will perceive them for how much they are getting and with who. Everything else is pointless. The end of this film attempted to portray the reality as men are really all about emotions when everyone knows they are not. Pity.

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Jerry Springer with money., 24 February 2012

I give this film two stars only for the fact that the actors were brilliant. However, I felt as if I was watching a family from the old "Pigtown"/west-end/Highlandtown area of Baltimore or Essex/Dundalk, MD and "The Jerry Springer Show" that had won the Lottery five years prior and so had finally been able to move out of the trailer park and take on the trappings, that they believed, made them upper-crust. i.e. martinis and a house on the Chesapeake Bay in Annapolis; yet had never really left their trailer park ways and mentality. Sad and painful to watch and since I do not believe that was the intent of the writer/director I found the film a failure.

great his/herstory film, 12 July 2006

i enjoyed the film and found it very informative and entertaining. having grown up in the lesbian/gay community as it grew from the late 50's and early 60's thru the stonewall period...the aids crisis and now the new century i could relate to much in the film. all to often the male homosexual community has ignored the female homosexual community or worse acted as the male straight community has. many in the female homosexual community have downplayed the efforts of many homosexual men because they did not follow the interests of the female homosexual community. no effort by the straight community could ever have the effect of our own infighting. everyone involved with the community should watch it to learn more about our his/herstory.