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A Masterpiece, 15 October 2005

Watched it last night having previously seen it 20 years or so ago - sheer bliss! This is yet another example of Ronnie Barker's genius. His passing is a major loss to the world of comedy as he has stood head and shoulders above all the much over-praised second raters such as Morecombe & Wise, Cleese, etc. His imagination, skill and verbal dexterity have never been anywhere near matched by anyone else. It seems current day comedy is restricted to crudities thrown in for their shock value rather than being based on any intrinsic ability of making an audience laugh through pure wit, and imagination. I fear there will never be another comic of Ronnie Barker's calibre - I hope I'm wrong.....

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Brilliant, 8 April 2005

If like me you like inane 60s films this is right up your street and you should make every effort to see it. I taped it years ago - by chance I noticed in the TV listings a short 60s film was to be screened at somewhere around 3am on CH4 - so I taped it - and loved it. The shots of Hampstead as it was 30 or so years ago were fascinating. After a while the tape was stored away in the garage, then the attic & I almost forgot about it having moved house a couple of times. Little did I know that some 15 yrs later I would dig it out & show it to my daughters (aged 6 & 4) - they absolutely love it and insist repeat performances regularly!