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Terrible in every way, 27 February 2010

I am pretty lenient with what I think about movies. If it's mildly entertaining, I'm generally OK with it. But this movie is without a doubt the worst I've ever seen.

The acting was god-awful. I could find 5 people at random off the street and they would be no worse, and probably better, than this group. Hell, make that 5 people at random out of a 6th grade classroom and my statement still stands. The fight scene was horrendously executed - laughable if I wasn't so amazed at how bad it was. The acting in every single scene was terrible. Absolutely terrible.

The audio was worse than the acting if that is possible. You have to watch this movie while holding the remote so you can change the volume as needed, which is about every 6 seconds. The volume ranged from 20 to 54 on my TV. I was constantly changing it. Seriously, I do a better job with my Corel Video Studio when editing my home movies.

The people giving this movie good reviews simply aren't being honest. I know a review is subjective, but honestly, any good review of this movie has to be from friends of people associated with it.

Sometimes a movie is not very good, but you can give an "A" for effort. This one gets an best. If I could give a lower grade, I would. Absolute disaster. Everyone associated with it should be embarrassed. It is simply the worst movie I have ever seen. Bar none.

Side Effects (2005/I)
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Drama / Humor Go Well Together, 11 April 2005

This film tells an important story in an entertaining and humorous way. There are several ways the film could have been structured, but blending the drama with humor maximized the entertainment value for me. Katherine Heigl plays the role of Karly Hert fabulously and has good chemistry with the other actors. I thought the sub-plots were good, but I would've enjoyed even more drug rep training/selling/boardroom-type scenes.

I laughed out loud and was amazed (appalled?) at the drug industry's tactics at the same time. It's an important topic highlighted in an entertaining film.