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Octane (2003)
Octane's Best Character
7 April 2005
The movie Octane was an entrancing video that only a few people with an open mind to the different would be able to view and appreciate. For the types of roles that were described in this movie many other movies often used actors/actresses that didn't fit these qualifying roles. But this cast was very well depicted by the casting crew. They made the movie believable. But the best choice of an actor for the main villain is well deserved. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers gives the role as the villain an edge to himself. The car scene showed that he was perfect to play this type of villain because he gave you the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty about his character. His good looks made you want to trust him but he showed a side of deviance. The car scene depicted his sexuality and made him more of a sexy and daring villain. This is a must see movie for all of the Jonathan Rhys-Meyers fans. He's got the sexy bad boy attitude, down to a T.
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