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Réalisateur de troisième division inégal, avec des hauts et des bas, qui, comme Tobe Hopper signera un contrat avec Menahem Golan/Yoram Globus de la Cannon (dont deux suites en '82 et '85 de son "Un justicier dans la ville"/"Death Wish" de '74). En tout, Michael Winner réalise six films dans lequel joue Charles Bronson.

After directing the successful ¨Death wish¨ he made worst sequels in which Bronson-Paul Kersey goes on to torture robbers , all of them inferior and the violence could be deemed excessive , are the following : ¨Death wish II¨ with Jill Ireland and Vincent Gardenia , ¨Death wish III¨ with Ed Lauter and Deborah Raffin. Subsequently Michael Winner career was failed , alternating some hit as ¨The sentinel¨ and various flops as ¨ Firepower, The big sleep, The wicked lady, Appointed with death, A chorus of disapproval, and Bullseye ¨.
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Du Grand n'importe quoi. Par ordre chronologique.
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