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My personal opinion, 4 April 2005

I bought this DVD because I am a huge fan of David Boreanaz and found it quite entertaining and a pleasant surprise. Monica Potter is a good actress but I didn't feel she was powerful enough for this film. The male actors were all very good and the idea behind the film was good but it lacked cohesion. David was, as always, excellent but as with the other actors, their potential characters were not explored enough. However it was a pleasant light-hearted little film which did not discredit any of the actors. However, unfortunately this is a film which will be seen by a limited audience. I think it would be a good made-for-TV movie rather than the cinema. As a David Boreanaz fan I would prefer him to have meatier roles than these pretty-boy roles he seems to have been offered. The man is an accomplished actor who can do action, romantic and tragic roles and I'd like to see him in more productive parts. Anthony LaPaglia as always was a joy to watch.

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my opinion, 4 April 2005

Although the movie started off slower than the first Miss Congeniality, the humour rapidly gained pace and I came away chuckling to myself for a long time afterwards. I feel the film lost a little due to Ben Bratt and Michael Caine's roles being cut but gained by the new rapport with her FBI colleague. This is a great character for Sandra Bullock as she has slick comedy timing and with her expressive face, she carries the movie. If there was a third movie I would like to see a happy ending for Gracie with either Ben Bratt returning or a similar love interest. As always William Shatner contributed well to the comic content. Sandra's role as Gracie should return for a third time and I, for one, would love to see it.