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Guerilla style fashion show, 20 August 2014

Jenny and Agnes gatecrash a gala for Lily, which has potential financial backers, in order to launch themselves into the New York fashion scene. It demonstrates how Jenny is willing to alienate her father in order to get what she wants in her career. Her father, Rufus, doesn't recognise her any more, but her brother, Dan, realises that sometimes you have to sell your soul to launch your career otherwise you will forever be a nobody. For this he respects her, but he doesn't go and do the same thing. I must admit that Jenny does look more professional with her clothes rack and new hair style. She looks like a costume designer and is saying with her new look that she deserves to be taken seriously.

Blair is her usual self when she tries to push past people in a crowd and instead of saying 'excuse me' she says 'ooh' in that Blair way.

The 40-Year Old Duchess, 19 August 2014

There are some flattering shots of Blair in this episode, and Serena is quite provocative when she sucks on a chocolate coated strawberry.

Chuck has good movement, and it's really a pity that he didn't challenge Dan back the various times they have confronted each other.

The 40-year old Catherine 'Duchess' Beaton who helps Nate out financially in return for sexual favours is a good concept, but playing with her step-son as well makes you lose sympathy for her. I can understand Nate going from Blair to Catherine, and I can understand Catherine wanting younger flesh in addition to her husband. But the step-son and his false British accent lacks credibility.

I think Blair is better off with Chuck as he knows her better than she knows herself, whereas Nate doesn't quite know himself or the women he's with.

Jenny's Fashion Emergency, 19 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dan Humphrey presented as a lonely boy with his sister and supportive father kind of lacks credibility. Serena is more of an outsider when Blair tells her that she's not invited to the party. That throws her into Dan's world where they are both outsiders: she has been kicked out of the Garden of Eden, and he is an outsider because he lives in Brooklyn.

I like the way how Blair is bold and wants to get it on with Nate at a party. She even goes out of the way to make their first time together special, but he has to mess up by confessing about his past with Serena.

I can't believe that Serena was as bad as Blair. I believe she can stand up to her and match her, but I don't believe that she can consistently be diabolical on a daily basis.

The way into the middle classes is through a wronged woman, 18 August 2014

Dan becomes an insider through Serena who is fast becoming an outsider because of her fragmented past and departure from boarding school.

Chuck seems to understand Blair better than she knows herself which is quite touching because it demonstrates that he is in love with her in his own way. He says things like 'your eyes are doing that thing where it doesn't match your lips.' It is good script writing even if the characters are undesirable.

Apart from the fact that Chuck has weak lips, he seems to have good movement, and it's almost a pity that he doesn't hit back when Dan pushes him around.

Bart has a brunch party to help Chuck meet people and make friends. That the kind of party I'd like to go where I can meet producers and distributors.

Social Amnesia, 18 August 2014

Dan takes Serena out to a restaurant for a date and the waiter treats him as though he's never seen him before. I've certainly been through that, not in a restaurant, but in various city churches where people whom I've worked with have either ignored me or treated me like a stranger. In Dan, you get to experience what it is like as a socially aspiring talent who hits a social glass ceiling in middle class society. However, through Serena, he very quickly loses his outsider status and becomes an insider. He doesn't seem to work for it like Jenny who gives the impression that she is willing to sell her soul just to make it in middle class society. Dan's too proud for that, which loses him a few sympathy points. Maybe he needs to be halfway between himself and Jenny to be more endearing.

Put your hand on your hip and pop, 18 August 2014

Apart from the fact that Blair regards Dan as Serena's charity case, this is the episode that Serena really demonstrates that she has style. For a start, after she has a conversation with Dan on the street, the music cues by saying: 'You gotta shake your ass.' Then we cut to Serena walking away and guess what? We see her shaking her ass in rhythm with the music. That is a great piece of photography and post-production.

Secondly, we see Serena teach Blair and her cronies how to pose. You just put your hand on her hip and POP. The way she says it makes you want to pop as well. She is so full of life and fun then anyone would want to be her friend.

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Blair's Unsent Letter, 18 August 2014

Dan comes to terms with the fact that he doesn't have a university legacy even though Serena's parents went to Harvard and Brown. My parents didn't go to university and I was the second in my family to go to university, so I partially connected with him.

There is a sweet scene where Chuck is in Blair's bedroom and says to her: 'So this is your bed'. She covers up her blanket and says to him: 'leaving'. It's a cute scene and something you would say to someone you want to bed, or at least have strong feelings for.

Dan says to Serena: 'If you ever need someone to talk to, let me know.' No one's ever said to me, although some have said 'don't be a stranger', which isn't quite the same thing.

The most moving part of this episode is when Blair reads her unsent letter to Serena. It reads: 'My world is falling apart. I don't have anyone to talk to. Where are you? Why did you leave without saying goodbye? I miss you so much.' It's the kind of letter I would have written to my soulmate when they walked out of my life. My world fell apart because they left without saying goodbye. I missed my soulmate so much and didn't have anyone to speak to. Hearing Blair read these words endeared me to her. My only concern is that this was made in 2007 in an age of facebook, email, text and twitter, whereas letter writing was something of the 90s and 80s. Maybe this series has been kicking around for a few decades before it got made.

Serena's answer is equally moving: 'I didn't know how to be your friend.' I truly believe the reason why people have walked out of my life, or have not persisted in friendship and companionship with me is because they don't know how to be my friend. This for me is testimony that the series has some good writing, even though the characters may appear to be shallow in a superficial world.

The Important of Perseverance, 18 August 2014

This episode has Chuck give a good speech at his father's wedding. He says: 'In the face of true love you don't just give up even if the object of your affection is begging you to.' I know that I have tried chasing after a true love in the past who has never responded to my letters. This is discouraging, and I've ended up giving up. However, I have consistently followed my dream and not given up on my childhood ambition. Maybe I'm more in love with my dream than I have been with any person.

After the speech, Blair tells Chuck he doesn't belong with anyone, even though he went on to say that 'one day I hope I'll be lucky enough to find someone' who won't give up on me. I know that a lot of people have given up on me, but that's what makes Serena so attractive. She doesn't give up on Blair, and even tells her that she is willing to fight alongside of her to make the relationship work.

Every time you walk away you take a piece of me with you, 18 August 2014

This episode kind of sums up what Rufus feels about Lily. In episode 10, he tells her that he should never have let her let him go. In episode 12, he tells her that he is still in love with her. You feel what he feels for Lily, and I certainly know that when someone walks out of your life they take a piece of you with them. Fortunately, Rufus had his wife to temporarily fill that gap and have Dan and Jenny.

I like the way he stands in front of Lily and despite her protests he says no and kisses her. That is persistence. I've never been that persistent about the one I love except at primary school when I was chasing after the ones I was fascinated by.

This series teaches you about the power of persistence, be it in love, or in pursuing your dream.

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The most important parties to attend are the ones you're not invited to, 18 August 2014

Jenny forms an alliance with Asher and he tells her 'do you really think someone like me would date someone like you?' For those who are socially aspiring up the ladder from working class society, there is a certain fascination about dating a middle class person who will redefine who you are. Sadly it doesn't work out for Jenny, and she ends up conceding defeat to Blair stating that it's not worth selling your soul to gain access to middle class society.

There is a touching speech that says: 'The people that care about you always stand by your side.' The converse of that is the people who desert you when you need them most don't care about you. I can't say that there have been many people who have stood by my side when I've needed them which most mean that they don't care about me.

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