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Science Fiction, or having significant science fiction elements.
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television series i've liked, not that i watch them on television any more.P
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Traditional cell, CGI, stop-motion, combinations, etc. all here.) Feature length, TV series, and shorts. Includes Japanese "anime" films, but not all anime series. For ALL anime, see
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ABSOLUTELY perfect works of cinematic art, in my humble opinion.
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Film / video as art, regardless of traditional / narrative considerations.
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flics i want to watch again before giving them an official vote, however much i might already like them.
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Most of my all-time favorite movies!!!D
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I assembled this list specifically to share with the "Baltimore Indie, Foreign & Classic Film" Meetup Group.
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for the LOLs!D FYI, i do have a fairly sick sense of humour...P
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A list of potential titles to be viewed at our local private movie nights in Baltimore. Contact me if you have any suggestions...! It seems we are leaning towards the fairly to moderately obscure and creepy side of awesomely deep and beautiful cinema, and particularly things many of us have not seen already...) I threw in some shorts and collections of shorts as well, but can always bring plenty more.
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some (mostly) films which i personally find especially suited to experienceing while in an "altered" state, or inducing one.) feel free to make recommendations.
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All-time favorites: Feature Length, OVA, and Series, and Anime from South Korea, etc. Not everything i like yet, but getting close...3
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Some flicks about or significantly concerning love <3
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Films largely set in post-apocalyptic settings, or something very similar.
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