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wonderful, inspiring movie, 26 January 2006

When I first saw this movie, I myself was anorexic, so it definitely made an impression on me. Tracy Gold is a wonderful actress in general, but in this movie especially, really bringing to life the struggles that Nancy goes through. There are parts in the movie where I was close to tears, not just because it hit close to home, but because of the realism and the way the story was portrayed. Most Lifetime movies that I've seem are pretty good at sending out a positive message, and this one is no exception. I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends, to anyone wanting to see a realistic movie about eating disorders, and to anyone who is interested in this true story genre.

pretty good movie, 12 September 2005

I was already a bit biased when I started this movie, because I love the actress who plays Robin. I was pleasantly surprised by the content, though. The plot is definitely a little on the edgy side, and a lot of women probably won't like the way Robin is portrayed (but then again, this isn't a "woman power!"-type movie). However, I really liked the fact that it wasn't as predictable as other movies like it. There are people out there like Robin, and it was a refreshing thing to see. I really liked the non-stop action too, kept me on the "edge of my seat". Definitely a unique movie, and not one that any of my friends would like, but hey, I know I can't be the only one out there who thought it was great.