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Storyville (1992)
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Plot Leaves One to Be Desired, 4 April 2005

A rampant fan of James Spader or not, this film is awful. The acting is brutally contrived, and I'm sick of seeing Spader in those pointlessly sexual situations, as has been his claim to fame, as it were. The fact that Spader is a decent actor doesn't do justice to the unremitting bouts of horridity.

A beautiful and "mysterious" Japanese maid seduces James Spader by way of leaving him a note on a napkin. "Meet Me At Storyville" sayeth aforementioned note. Storyville is some kind of neo-classical, über-Gothic club replete with with all-too-gothy foot-watching shuffle dance and one random couple making out as the only rapid action I'd venture to guess that club ever saw. He meets the sultry and readily available Charlotte Lewis (Lee); she takes him back to her swanky Japanese-motifed apartment (and makes him take off his shoes) where she then changes into kung-fu garb and pulls the pancake roll from hell. Long story short, he winds up sleeping with her in her bathtub while the camera pans around to a hidden room that is filming their love-making.

I also failed to mention Spader's character is a candidate in the senate, thereby making this recording of their sudsy festivities (I say "sudsy", but there were no suds) blackmail. Spader discovers this the hard way as he also discovers random things about his father, their past, et al.

I personally wouldn't spend two licks on this movie. It's horrid. Save your money, save your time, seriously.

...Though, I wouldn't mind having the soundtrack.

But still.