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Cold Light (2004)
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Dreams are the color indigo, 22 February 2006

When a young artist gets told to carefully discern what is imagination and what is reality, a fiery mind is set ablaze and (in the movie) subtly rages to decipher the Self, and in turn, gain foresight into the future.

Cold Light describes a young boy's epiphany into rediscovery - once primarily afflicted by only the most blatant of life's moments, he realizes that is takes an art lesson for him to appreciate what is subdued and gain clarity. This analogy you might be able to notice in the style of his art pieces, where mountains once dominated, he grows up, into clear skies; with the guidance of a mother and teacher figure.

It is through the extraordinary that he will be delivered into the ordinary.

Abstract? Watch the film for clarity.

Millions (2004)
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witty, whimsical and wise, 8 May 2005

A boy receives a bag full of money from God, which urges him to further his efforts to save the world.

The boy's new found financial facility takes the film into a paradoxical portrayal of civilization and its discontents, mirroring William Goldings Lord of the Flies.

Expect extraordinary sequences, which only so remotely capture a child's capacity for imagination.

Curiously characteristic, Millions will endear audiences the way children do - with a little bit of fun, a little bit of fury, and a whole lot of fervor.

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another masterpiece by director Yoji Yamada, that is both entertaining and insightful, 26 April 2005

A story set in the mid 1800s, during the final days of the Shoguns and the Samurais, Hidden Blade is an authentically Japanese film, appropriately spliced with intelligent comic reliefs, with a controlled release of dramatic, humanly, sword fights. With tight sequences and brilliant character development, the film progresses at a balanced pace, keeping the viewer attentive and concerned. A presentation of Samurai culture and Japanese political and social structure, Hidden Blade is yet another masterpiece by director Yoji Yamada, that is both entertaining and insightful.

Be Cool (2005)
Playful satire of the music industry, 12 April 2005

Enjoy a reprise of John Travolta and Uma Thurman grooving on the dance floor ala Pulp Fiction. These two actors certainly bail out the flick from near collapse as heavy dashes of repetitive slapstick throughout the film make it a bit trying to watch.

The plot works slowly but picks up towards the end, and thankfully makes with a well tweezed ending to give viewers their fill after being starved for just over an hour.

A satirical look at the music industry, one wonders if the plot had anything to do with the scandals likened to the ICP and Murder-Inc labels.

Be entertained or cringe at the exaggeration of ethnic, nationalistic and social stereotypes. It's a film that's ultimately fun, so just Be Cool and you'll enjoy this movie.