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15 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The Truman Show is truly a movie we need in today's world of massive media coverage. Who hasn't felt like poor Truman, feeling like the whole world was watching our every move? Imagine finding out that was actually true! I have a hard time not getting teary during the scene where Truman talks to his best friend and his best friend, in the same sentence, proclaims that Truman is like a brother to him and then tells him the lie to top all lies... all while swearing Truman can trust him! In the scene, Truman has tears in his eyes as he is really listening, but yet you can tell he has doubts to his friend's least that is what I feel. At that moment, everyone can relate to Truman. He feels that there is no one in his world he can trust, and hearing his best friend lie finally verified that for him. The risk he takes in the end is truly a quest for real love and real friendships, and in this action there is somewhat a lesson to the viewer. Ed Harris and Jim Carrey are terrifically cast, even if they don't interact until the last few minutes of the movie. Sometimes the creator must let his creation go :)
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