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Little Boy (2015)
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beautiful, 27 April 2015

I loved it for its beautiful message of hope. However, it is a tearjerker with witnessing racism and cruelty. Also disheartening to view a doctor's maneuvering the politics in a small town. The acting is not stellar but adequate. The cinematography is lovely and you get a real appreciation of a small coastal town in the 1940s. The length of the film was just about right. The historical references seemed to be correct. The representation of the era via clothing, cars, etc. was authentic and led you back into that time. However, I feel the little boy's haircut was not indicative of the era. I recommend it for anyone over the age of 10.

intriguing, 1 September 2014

I basically enjoyed this film although it certainly could be considered a downer. The acting was superb by the entire cast and entirely believable despite the eccentricity of the characters. I found myself wanting to analyze them and being grateful for the blessings in my life so that I don't feel the need for such drama on an everyday basis. I wonder if anyone else noticed the seeming familiarity of the background music in several places? It seemed to resemble what was heard in the film Steel Magnolias if I'm not mistaken; that same soft instrumentation that evokes slow easy living in small southern towns the fellowship of large clans of folks. As for that house the girls lived in, that's my dream house and I'd love to go see it in person!

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waste of time, 8 August 2014

I went to see this film with high hopes, considering the fine lineup of actors involved. However, despite the talents of Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton, not to mention the always delightfully campy Frances Steenhagen, I felt this movie was a waste of my time. What was a rather interesting storyline was dragged thru the mud of filthy innuendo and nasty language. A delightful premise of family reunions and new-found love was marred by unnecessary crudeness. I don't understand why the media feels that we all enjoy the seamy side of life or have low moral values; we don't. What ever happened to decent love stories? The little girl in the film was absolutely delightful and showed much depth, especially for one so young; her part of the story was truly inspirational. Too bad the rest of the film wasn't of that quality. Ms. Keaton's vocals were a nice surprise though!

Get on Up (2014)
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exhausting, 8 August 2014

Although I basically enjoyed it, I found this film emotionally exhausting as well. It was way too long for my taste. Some of the chitchat between James and his agent could've been shortened as well as the horrific scenes of his childhood. I had never even heard of people organizing fights between blindfolded children; to me that was shocking! I don't remember hearing all that breaking the law stuff concerning him in the news at the time so it was a real eye-opener. I recommend it with reservations. The acting and dance moves were spot on so very memorable and entertaining. The true friendship between James and Bobby was particularly heartwarming; that brought the most tears.

Noah (2014)
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interesting and enjoyable, 28 March 2014

Despite seeing and hearing things I never encountered in Sunday School, I feel the film is interesting and enjoyable. It was a bit lengthy and slow in areas but not too bad. The actors all did a fantastic job and the cinematography, as well as the special effects were very well done. I was pleased to see a big crowd rather than the usual few patrons on a Friday afternoon. This attendance signifies to me a thirst for Biblical knowledge and a relationship with God. There was nothing offensive to me other than a bit of gore, to which I turned my head for a few seconds. The entire audience, including children, were quiet and attentive; all stayed till the end and there was even some applause. I hope more films of this genre are forthcoming.

Son of God (2014)
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lovely, interesting and inspirational, 28 February 2014

I was amazed to find the theater filled at the very first showing of this film at 11:45 on a Fri afternoon as I'm usually there with 3-4 other people. This attests to the desire for spiritually inspiring "entertainment" in our world today. We were not disappointed. The acting was good, cinematography nice and for the most part, Biblically correct as I was taught in Sunday School decades ago. The audience was quiet and respectful for a change and virtually all of us stayed thru the credits, not wanting to miss any other film footage. I found it sensitive and moving in several instances, thereby inducing tears. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed in this film except those who crave constant fast-paced action.

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exciting and thought-provoking, 28 June 2013

I hesitated going to this film, thinking it would be all noisy action with little plot but I was very much wrong in this assumption. The storyline was interesting and believable, a little mystery solved at the end. The action was believable and intense and somewhat noisy but not too disturbing. I didn't even notice any bad language or sexual scenes. There was enough emotion displayed as to involve the viewer in the whole scenario. To me, it showed just how much can be accomplished when folks work together and care about one another. It also revealed how destructive revenge can be and how innocent people can lose their lives by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The biggest and best feeling I got was that perhaps this example will reach politicians and they can realize that if they rid themselves of the crooks and stop feeding the war machine, maybe, just maybe world peace can be achieved. Made me feel good.

Kon-Tiki (2012)
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exciting, 21 June 2013

I must have seen a nicer version than the ones who put comments on the parental advisory page viewed, because I did not see any nudity nor hear any foul language whatsoever. That, along with all the yummy eye candy for ladies is what was so great about this historical film. Yes, the plot was exciting and interesting as well as informative. But it was most pleasant as no one was nasty or ill-mannered nor spoke in filth. Being treated to the visual pleasure of four big blond hunks was a much-appreciated added bonus. It was a bit noisy during the storm scene and I had to hold my ears but other than that, there was nothing disturbing unless blood upsets you. The cinematography was absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this film to everyone over the age of 12 and particularly the ladies!

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boring, 2 January 2013

I looked forward to this film, thinking it would be a hilarious showcase of not only Streisand's talents but an expose of the difficult relationships between mothers and grown sons. I got neither. It was boring just a few minutes into it. I felt Mr. Rogen's acting was plausible and done well. However, hers was lackluster and not up to her usual standards. There were very few laughs at all. The difficulties of the relationship were not highlighted very much either. Some of the dialog was nonsensical to say the least. I also thought it ridiculous to have her considering 50 year-olds for dating and trying to convince us she was under 60; usually it's the other way around. All in all I was very disappointed in this movie and had to concur with another woman leaving the theater at the same time when she said "what a waste of time!"

Anna Karenina (2012/I)
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poor, 20 December 2012

I thoroughly disliked this version of the story. The very presentation, mostly within one theater and stage setting was distracting to say the least. The brief interludes of actual scenery were lovely but far too few and short. Some of the dialog was somewhat muffled, resulting in misidentification of a few characters, initially. I can't imagine whose idea this was but I'm not surprised to read of the fine actors who turned it down after reading the concept. The characters who elicited an emotional reaction from me were Kitty and Constantin; those actors were so real that I was moved to tears by the depth of their facial expressions and vocalizations. I felt the nudity was totally unnecessary and the depiction of smoking just silly. I looked forward to this remake but was sorely disappointed and cannot in all good conscience recommend it to anyone.

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