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Sketch Artist (1992) (TV)
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held my attention, 24 June 2006

Sketch Artist held my attention throughout, with Jeff Fahey as a police department sketch artist who, to his surprise, draws a composite of his wife (Sean Young) in a murder investigation, based on a description provided by a witness (Drew Barrymore). Unnerved, Fahey changes the drawing and meanwhile attempts to find out what happened and if his wife was really involved or not.

I liked this movie. The last 20 minutes or so seemed to stretch out a little too long, and I found myself eager for something to happen. It does, though it seemed a little subdued. I still liked the entire movie though, and the first half was particularly atmospheric. This was also pretty stylish for 1992. This is Fahey's movie, and he conveys the emotions and persona of a concerned, confused, and somewhat depressed husband quite well. A good movie to watch on a hot, rainy summer night.

Stranded (2006) (TV)
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wish more TV movies were like this, 6 June 2006

Stranded premiered on Lifetime last night. Erica Durance stars as Carina, a bride-to-be on a bachelorette vacation in the Caribbean just before her wedding. Her friends Regan (outstanding performance by Bree De Beau), Nicole (Michelle Jones), Isabel (Vane Millon) and another pretty girl accompany her for what is supposed to be a fun-filled week. The girls decide to travel to a smaller island for a day trip, but their boat does not return to pick them up as scheduled and they find themselves stranded on a deserted island. Unfortunately for the girls, this is just the beginning of what is certain to be a nightmare. Talented Ashley Totin also stars as Danielle, Carina's best friend and maid of honor. Carlos Ponce and sexy Jack Hartnett also stars. The actor in the role of Danielle's boss does a nice job (and is also very good looking).

I enjoyed this movie so much. Total suspense for nearly the entire movie and a couple of twists to make it all the more better. All characters were beautiful, dressed well, and played their parts convincingly. Director Kern Knoweiser does an excellent job here. The Caribbean locations were stunning.

Between (2005)
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not bad, 29 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Between reminds me of a couple of movies like Campfire Tales and Mullholland Drive. Poppy Montgomery is Nadine Roberts, a woman from Chicago who travels to Tijuana in an attempt to find her sister, who she believes is missing and in trouble. Once she arrives in Tijuana, Nadine finds herself confused and it is unclear whether she is losing her grip with reality, or if the local police as well as other people are trying to mess with her mind. Or is it something deeper than that? Poppy Montgomery did a nice job with this. Between is a plodding flick that has some great actors (Montgomery, Adam Kaufman, Jose Yenque, and the gorgeous Daniel Pino) and terrific visuals. Premiered on Lifetime tonight.

Blessed (2004)
fun, 26 May 2006

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A gorgeous Manhattan couple (Heather Graham, James Purefoy) move to upstate New York after deciding to use a fertility clinic based there. All seems fine until a pregnant Graham starts feeling unusually painful scratching from her unborn twins. Suspicious of her husband's new business associate and friend (David Hemmings), Graham feels ignored and distanced from her hubby while simultaneously being stalked by a hooded man (Andy Serkis). A predictable, but fun climax, nice visuals, and some fun one-liners and campy dialog make Blessed a worthy film.

Graham is clearly the star here, but Purefoy is absolutely sexy in this, and Fionnula Flanagan showcases her acting talent as Purefoy's suspicious agent fabulously. David Hemmings and Andy Serkis have some great lines, and Stella Stevens also stars as a nosy real-estate agent. Sort of reminds me of Rosemary's Baby or The Devil's Advocate a little bit.

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interesting, 26 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Calling is an interesting thriller in the vein of The Omen. Lush landscapes and a fantastic soundtrack compensate for a slow, plodding pace, and a murky, hodge-podge plot. Laura Harris is convincing enough as the mother of the Antichrist (nice performance by Alex Roe), and Richard Lintern plays the part of the smarmy husband very well. The revelation of the true purpose of the character, Carmac (Francis Magee), was a huge surprise.

While certainly worth seeing, the pace does detract from the overall film. Still, I liked it enough to stick with it and I would view it again. The party scene near the end is the most lively part of the whole movie, and a very good part. The Calling fits well for a movie made in 2000, as it seems entertainment at the start of a new decade is usually sort of experimental, in what appears to be attempts at finding answers to an uncertain future. Premiered on Lifetime tonight.

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good TV movie, 18 April 2006

Natasha Gregson Wagner and Currie Graham give realistic performances in The Accidental Witness, which premiered on Lifetime last night. Wagner stars as Christine, a paralegal with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. Graham stars as Victor, a shady partner in an investment firm. When their paths cross, their lives change dramatically and in an ugly way. Aaron Pearl is adorable in the role of Christine's fiancé, and handsome Richard Courtney also appears as her assistant.

The score is quite good, and it dovetails nicely with the dreary Seattle setting. This thriller held my attention from start to finish--it is worth a look.

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stylish, fun and different, 1 April 2006

I saw Simple Revenge for the first time tonight on Lifetime Movie Network--it is stylish, fun and a bit different than a lot of movies I have seen on that channel.

The story goes like this: Alex (Holly Perkins) is supposed to succeed a major company CEO when he retires, but he re-negs after having reservations about her work ethic, giving the job to a co-worker, Ann (Anne Hawthorne). After informing him he made the "wrong decision", Alex proceeds to get revenge, and she will do ANYTHING to get what she wants. I do not want to reveal anything so I will stop here.

The glamorous Perkins is awesome in this role, as she seductively chews up the scenery throughout the film, making being bad look so good. The pace is a little slow at times, but the performances make up for it. See this if you are in the mood for something different.

Black Widower (2006) (TV)
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interesting thriller, 31 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Sexy David Lipper portrays Ed Amos, a very wealthy, womanizing auto executive who's most recent wife dies at a very young age. When an attorney, Nancy (Kelly McGillis), decides to take a closer look into the woman's death, she eventually uncovers that other women married to Ed died very young also. Coincidence? Nancy does not think so and she goes to great lengths to gather evidence, in spite of legal jurisdiction barriers.

Lipper looks great and has the misogynist psycho character down pat. He played a similar role in She Fought Alone, also directed by Christopher Leitch. McGillis is believable in her role.

My only criticism of the movie is it seems to focus more on Nancy's relentless pursuit to bust Ed, instead of revealing why Ed was so psychotic from the get-go. The movie hints at sexual boredom as a possible motive for the killings, but by the conclusion of the film I did not see a clear motive (other than Ed's psychosis).

Based on a true story, this is an excellent TV movie on the whole. Premiered on Lifetime this week.

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cheesy, but fun, 13 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this a couple of nights ago on Lifetime Movie Network, having never seen it before. This was like, attack of the mid/late '90s big time. Riding the wave of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Charmed, and even Clueless, I've Been Waiting For You has some elements from all the movies and the TV show I just mentioned. It is just the smaller-budget version.

Sarah Chalke is Sarah Zoltanne, a high school senior who has just moved with her mother from L.A. to small town Massachusetts. The moment she arrives she has a bad feeling about her house, which she learns was home to a supposed witch centuries before. She is shunned by her new classmates at her new school for dressing "weird" and for hanging out with the black sheep, Charlie (Ben Foster). One of the popular guys (Christian Campbell) does takes an interest in her, though. I do not want to give anything away, so I will leave it at that.

I would bet the makers of this movie, along with the actors, had a good time while making this--it is total fluff. See it and you'll see what I mean. Director Christopher Leitch (who also directed She Fought Alone) does a nice job here. I recommend I've Been Waiting For You, mainly due to the nostalgia of the '90s. This movie is soooooo '90s--the phrases, the jokes--it is pretty hilarious. It is also really fun. Do not expect much and you should enjoy this.

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Who didn't have a teacher like this?, 11 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, so maybe I did not have a teacher quite this bad, but I can think of one or two with similar mind-sets to the one here. Before I saw Teaching Mrs. Tingle, I imagined it would be a very dark thriller, given it was initially named, Killing Mrs. Tingle. While it does have violent moments, I was surprised as I watched that it is more of a drama, while still retaining a decent amount of thrills and some comedy/dark humor.

Helen Mirren is the vicious Mrs. Tingle, a high school history teacher who has contempt for all, particularly one of her students, Leigh Ann (Katie Holmes). Tingle accuses Leigh Ann of cheating, and while trying to clear her name, Leigh Ann and two of her friends (Barry Watson and Marisa Coughlin) end up holding Tingle captive in her own home! A great blend of comedy, drama and suspense ensue, leading to the showdown between Tingle and her captors.

Kevin Williamson includes all the right touches here, from the locations and lighting to the fun score and soundtrack. Teaching Mrs. Tingle is different from most movies, as it has so many elements of different genres that it is hard to place in a single category, which is what makes it so interesting.

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