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kept me intrigued, 22 September 2006

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Sometimes in the middle of the night HBO airs good movies that keep me intrigued throughout. This was the case with Cold Around the Heart, which I caught recently starring Kelly Lynch, David Caruso, Stacey Dash, and Chris Noth. In summary: Lynch and Caruso are partners-in-crime, but a job they pull goes terribly wrong and Caruso ends up taking the fall for three murders he did not commit. Lynch escapes and has a tryst with Noth. Meanwhile, Caruso bolts from the police and meets Dash and they eventually become friends. There are so many twists and turns in this one leading up to the explosive climax. Set in the dusty deserts of Arizona, this flick has all the right ingredients for a great crime thriller. All four actors shine here. I dug it.

Inferno (2002/I)
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somewhat entertaining, albeit predictable, 20 September 2006

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California Firestorm (listed as Inferno on IMDb) is a somewhat entertaining, albeit predictable movie about a mother (Janet Gunn, starred on Silk Stalkings) who is the new fire chief in a northern California town. Her teen daughter (Greta Danielle Newgren) is disrespectful to her and her daughter's boyfriend (Lukas Behnken) has a reputation as a troublemaker. The movie opens with the daughter camping out one night with her boyfriend in the truck-bed of his pick-up truck, and the two of them witness a pyromaniac start forest fires using sparklers. Gunn has to lead a crew to put out the fires and find out the source of the fires, while also trying to reach out to her resentful daughter, and fighting off an ignorant town mayor (Dean Stockwell) and a suspicious volunteer firefighter (Richard Danielson).

I did enjoy this movie that aired on LMN tonight. Gunn is the star here, and she looks great. Jeff Fahey was cute as the helicopter pilot. California Firestorm is typical made-for-TV stuff, except the fire storyline was what held my attention. The climax is anti-climatic, though given what happens I suppose it could be like real-life. The ending sequence is kind of cute.

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Great!, 11 September 2006

Lysette Anthony heads up the cast in Trilogy of Terror II. I recently caught this on HBO, having never seen it before, and I liked it a lot. It sort of reminds me of Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, The Hitchhiker, and Dark Shadows (also directed by Dan Curtis). The Graveyard Rats, Bobby, and He Who Kills are the three tales and they are all very good. The first tale may be my favorite, followed by the second and then the last. There are some genuinely good scares.

Check it out if you are into campy horror. Curtis does a fabulous job here. Anthony is in good form and Geriant Wyn Davies, Thomas Mitchell, and Matt Clark also gave memorable performances. Worth watching if you come across it.

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very good movie from LMN, 2 September 2006

Just saw this new movie on Lifetime Movie Network tonight with Emma Caufield as Kate, a woman who inherits her late-father's estate valued at $11.4 million. She and her husband (nice job from David Orth) and daughter move into a mansion as part of the estate, but from the moment they arrive Kate is haunted by visions of dead people. Kate appears to have the same ability to see what others cannot, just as her mother did. Slowly she comes to uncover what the visions mean.

In Her Mother's Footsteps is nicely done, and it kept me intrigued throughout. Emma Caufield looks great here. Good locations as well. A nice way to spend Saturday evening.

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held my attention, 17 August 2006

The Night Listener held my attention, with Robin Williams shining as a New York City radio host who becomes enamored with his friendship with a 14 year old boy (Rory Culkin) who is very ill. Williams has never met the boy in person, as they have only been in contact by talking on the telephone. However, Williams' ex-boyfriend (nice job from Bobby Cannavale) raises doubt about the boy, which prompts Williams to arrange a meeting with him in person. What follows makes a permanent impact on Williams in a way he does not expect. I will leave it at that. Toni Collette also stars.

I enjoyed this film, with Toni Collette giving a memorable portrayal of Culkin's adoptive mother. Sandra Oh also starred as Williams' friend. The Night Listener is inspired by actual events, and it has a somber, almost creepy silence throughout. At times it is predictable, no thanks to some of the reviews I read before seeing the movie and just due to logic, but I liked it anyway. I enjoy Williams in roles like this, more so than his comedic characters so that was an added bonus for me. Recommended. 8/10

well done, 11 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston shine in The Break-Up. Gary (Vaughn) and Brooke (Aniston) have been living together for a while, but Brooke becomes dissatisfied with Gary because he does not acknowledge her commitment to their relationship. Brooke does what Gary wants to do, when he wants to do it, but when it comes time for what Brooke wants, then Gary usually finds an excuse to not do it. In other words, it is all about Gary. He does not seem to realize it either, and he really is a sweet guy, but it is still all about him. So, per the title, Brooke ends the relationship, rather impulsively. But there is one problem: They both own the condo where they are currently living. Comedy and drama ensue nearly immediately once they break-up, as neither of them will leave the condo. The rest is hilarious and heartbreaking.

I like The Break-Up, because in spite of some of the over-the-top shenanigans between Aniston and Vaughn, it really is like a real-life relationship. Even the ending is like real-life, yet there is an optimism throughout the entire film that is very refreshing and sometimes reminds me of movies from the 1980s. Jon Favreau, Judy Davis, Ivan Sergei and Justin Long co-star. Filmed in Chicago.

Terror in the Mall (1998) (TV)
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fun!, 24 July 2006

Terror in the Mall was on Lifetime Movie Network this afternoon, with Rob Estes (Silk Stalkings, Melrose Place) starring. This movie is about a group of people trapped in a new shopping mall one evening during a flood. The mall is slated to open for the first time to the public the following day, so only a few people are in it the evening before for various reasons when they become trapped. Terror and chaos ensues when an escaped convict holds the small group hostage. Shannon Sturges also stars.

I really liked this one. Estes plays his part to perfection, and Sturges was convincing. Terence Maynard, Angeline Ball, and Kai Wiesinger (as Sturges' husband) also did a nice job. Fun to watch on a rainy day.

Obituary (2006) (TV)
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entertaining enough, 23 July 2006

Josie Bissett is Denise Wilcox, an obituary writer at her local newspaper. When obituaries of persons not yet dead start appearing on her computer screen, Denise is baffled, and afraid, as the premature obituaries become real in a short time. No one, including her former lover (Grant Nickalls), a colleague (Craig Olejnik), or her boss seems to believe Denise about the obituaries, and she begins to wonder if she is crazy.

The climax would have been shocking for me, but it was not because I read the plot summary on IMDb before seeing the movie, and sadly, it contained spoilers. Do not read the plot summary on IMDb, and the climax will be better. In spite of that nuisance, I really enjoyed the movie. Josie Bissett does a nice job here and the story was rather creative. Premiered on Lifetime July 23.

In the Deep Woods (1992) (TV)
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fun thriller, 23 July 2006

In The Deep Woods is one of those fun thrillers from the early 90s, and the final performance from talented Anthony Perkins. The story goes like this: Joanna (Rosanna Arquette) finds herself stalked by a detective (Perkins) after an acquaintance is murdered by a serial killer dubbed as the deep woods killer. Joanna is unsure who the killer is, but she is suspicious of many people, including a cop (Will Patton), the detective (Perkins), her boyfriend (D.W. Moffett), and her brother (Christopher Rydell).

It really was hard to tell who the killer was and in the end it is revealed. The atmosphere and music in the film really helped it tremendously. Arquette, Perkins, Moffett, Rydell, Patton, and Kimberly Beck all give great performances. Worth watching made-for-TV movie. 9/10

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touching, 26 June 2006

Handsome Eion Bailey stars as an alcoholic husband who has emotionally drifted away from all who care for him. When an incident prompts his friends to organize an intervention, the psychiatrist does not show up and all hell breaks loose when his friends try to lead the intervention.

Life of the Party is very much a drama, punctuated with semi-frequent comic relief. The film is credible, as it feels very real while still managing to entertain, given the very serious subject matter. It is a tale of love and friendship and hope. Bailey is an exquisite actor, showcasing his talents superbly here. Very touching and moving. Worth watching.

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