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Pretty good spin-off to an OK franchise, 28 November 2014

So like what Puss and Boots was to The Sherk franchise, Dreamworks animation decides to milk as much money out of the Madagascar franchise as they possible can, but they were able to do it without squeezing the very life out of the franchise, and they did this by focusing on the supporting background characters that shined throughout every movie, The Penguins.

Though I was not expecting much, it was a pretty action packed adventure. They pulled off a full feature with the penguins quite nicely. The Quartet seemed more suitable to short burst in a feature, but the animators were able to extend their slapstick comedy into a full- length picture and add to what the penguins already are without over doing it.

Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch voices a new character called classified, a wolf who heads the Northern Wind who become the Penguins arch rivals in the espionage game. That was an extra added bonus.

A Fun, entertaining way to spend 92mins.

Satifiying at best., 25 November 2014

An Iranian horror story.

It's about a vampire's day to day activities living in Iran. Reminds me of the Jim" Jarmusch vampire tale, Only Lovers Left Alive, which came out earlier this year, but this vamp had no real purpose that I could see.

I like that it was a different setting of Iran, that was very really cool. I'm sure the filmmakers were playing off the fact that the vampire's veil is being worn as if though it was Dracula's cape.

The movie has a new unique setting but it plays homage to the low budget beatnik films that would be a part of the Something Weird collection, or at least it felt that way.

Overall the movie had a cool concept that could have been flushed out better by the filmmakers.

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Each one gets better than the last!, 21 November 2014

Although I have to admit, I miss the whole Hunger Games concept that the 1st two flicks had.

This movie is all about one military district trying to start a televised revolution with Katniss Everdeen being their spokesperson, despite her most dire concern is freeing Pita from the clutches of President Snow. So it moves from a kind of game show/reality show theme into a metaphor on how two different political struggles use the media to campaign their agenda to the people.

But I make it seem like I went to see the movie because of it's complex reflection on contemporary mass media. No, it was action packed with JLaw looking crazy hot as the mocking jay, battling the capital. I thought this was suppose to be a chick flick? My mistake.

In the mist of spinning ideas that make it seem like movies similar to the recent release, Kill the Messenger, between are action sequence that make it seem like Black Hawk Down. It's almost a fantasy version of Zero Dark Thirty, which at times seem like quiet overkill

But it did get my heart pumping with suspense, and I loved every minute of it.

Death Factory (2002) (V)
Not a bad take on the slasher movie, but very formulated., 20 November 2014

I have to admit, I really did like the Slasher, Alexa. It did not hurt that it was played by Tiffany Shepis from those Troma flicks.

And of course the great Ron Jeremy makes a cameo which gives this movie an extra star just for that.

Speaking of porn, I love the fact that this straight-to-video, obviously made on video horror flick had two nude scenes and one long love scene. It felt like a safety net just in case everyone thought the violence sucked.

I can see that considering they used buckets of blood and chop cut editing to create the gore they could not afford to do on camera. Most of the shoe string budget went into the slasher's costume which is not half bad.

Though the characters were very stock, from the virgin protagonist to the jive taking black dude.

I definitely like this movie for what it was.

Foxcatcher (2014)
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Overall, an excellent watch., 20 November 2014

I prefer my movies to have a faster pace than the slow moving Foxcatcher, but when this film hits the mark, it does it with a bang.

Possibly does not hurt that I knew little about the true story of Mark Schultz, A gold metal Olympic wrestler who gets offered a free ride to train with a man named John Du Pont, and eccentric millionaire attempting to stroke his own ego through the achievements of others.

Steve Carell has dabbled with drama in his Indi comedies like The Way Way Back, but this time he goes full on leaving the jokes behind and putting on a vast amount of make up to hide his face and get into the character.

Steve and Channing Tatum together were good but I really liked Mark Ruffalo in the movie. That was worth seeing.

The movie drags in a way that makes me feel the filmmakers were like " I don't give a crap". It could have been shorter but still a good movie.

Wolves (2014)
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Not a bad werewolf flick, not bad at all., 16 November 2014

Does a good job of trying to give us the complete package.

Went to see it cause it was a werewolf flick, and I have not seen many in comparison to the vampire flick. I had no idea what I was in for.

At first it seem like I was going to get a Twilight for werewolves (even though there are werewolves in Twilight) as it started out as a movie about a pretty jock who discovers he's a werewolf by birth and goes on a journey to discover himself.

Than I saw Jason Momoa was in the pic and I knew it was going to be a man's flick, which is what it turned into.

Hot chicks, good fight scenes, and some impressive make up for a low budget horror movie.

Got to give it up for the voice of Solid Snake in Metal Gear, who wrote and directed this film. It was an exceptional effort.

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Zoe Bell brings a good fight...that's it., 12 November 2014

I was expecting more when the synopsis of the movie mentioned that Lucy Lawless was also going to star with it along with Zoe Bell, but after the fact I realized that that makes little sense, cause outside of Xena warrior princess I've never seen Lawless do action and the chick who actually did her action on that show is starring in the film.

I thought this was an good starting Vehicle for Zoe Bell. It was a decent story about a emotionless hit man hunted by her victims after getting a knife to the head.

Zoe did her best, showing her capable acting skills, and most importantly, showing her fighting skills, which I felt were top notch. Bell's got the action down pack, her fight scenes were impressive. Lucky for her, to be an action star, there's not much more you need.

I did not see this as the original web series it was, I saw it as a full feature. From what I herd this is a better way to do it.

Awesome fairy tale, 10 November 2014

Based on real Japanese folklore, the animation takes its tone from those original artworks I've seen on Japanese scrolls, and mixes it with contemporary anime.

I love the way animation can take such simple things as eating a melon or watching birds fly into a tree so much more exciting. By using traditional animation (although I need notice some computerize layouts),The Japanese have done it again with their personal approach to the detail of animation you can only get from 2D.

Adding to my enjoyment, this English adaption of the film includes the voice talent of Chloë Grace Moretz as the princess, who I've become a fan of.

It was very beautiful artwork moving across the big screen.

Big Hero 6 (2014)
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Great superhero movie, 9 November 2014

It's got everything and it's for everyone. Fanboys, Otakus, and gamers alike will love what's going on here. In an origin straight out of the comic, Hiro(perfectly named) seeks vengeance on the death of his older brother by Turing his brother's science project into a superhuman fighting robot, in a partner ship straight out of an anime. The two are joined by other superheroes in a quest for justice. There are some really cool super powers happening on the screen. Not surprising when you have comic legends like Joe Quesada, consulting in the film. Good for Disney to use their investment of Marvel Comics to its most awesomeness. As great as Wreck-it Ralph.

Exists (2014)
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This was actually very, very good, 9 November 2014

It's a total man vs beast scenario as four young people go up to the woods for a vacation and are attacked by a wild animal living in the cabin they are now occupying. What makes the situation more interesting is that the wild animal is the mythical Big foot creature.

At first I was not sure as the movie starts out like all the other found footage movies with a wannabe You Tube dude setting up cameras all over a cabin that looks like a homage to the Evil Dead, in order to create a Paranormal Activity situation, but the savagery of the animal adds to the realness of the fright. Though seeing the monster only revealed a costume that was a little cheesy, overall the movie is quite impressive.

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