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Hunk (1987)
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highly entertaining, 24 March 2006

James Coco provides a tour de force as a very camp Dr. D. I can't help feeling that he was a greatly underrated actor. The world is a poorer place without him. I also enjoyed his performance in A New Leaf. The plot was, of course, far fetched, but what do you expect with Faust revisited. The movie is available on video, but i doubt if it is on DVD, and shows James Coco on the cover complete with pitchfork, pointed tail and horns, shoving "Bradley Brinkman" as it were through the looking glass, so the plot line is clear from the outset. It is of course, a redemption movie: it's all froth, but enjoyable froth which I enjoyed more on the second viewing since by then I had chance to watch the effects as well as the bikini-clad girls. Buy it!

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music, beauty, sex, comedy, spies and crime, - what more could you want from a movie?, 26 December 2005

Seen Harry Potter? His aunt, Mrs Dursley? Now see the same woman - Fiona Shaw, as Paulina in Undercover Blues, - all long legs and muddy in a cat fight. But, I guess, Stanley Tucci stole the film in one of the funniest performances I have ever seen. This is an absolute "must see" for anyone who loves to laugh. Buy it rent it, blackmail your local cinema to show it, - but somehow get to see this wonderful movie. From the opening in New Orleans with a happy jazz background, to funeral marches, blues and some of the best music on the planet, this flic will keep your feet tapping. The stunts and fight scenes are witty and great fun, while the husky, sexy voiced Ms Turner in her undies is yet another wonderful bonus! Go See The Movie, - or the boogie man will getcha!

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Praise where it's due!, 5 August 2005

First time I've seen Greggio, but I look forward to seeing him again. He possesses a strong comedic talent and has impeccable timing. Set against the character portrayed by Brooks, a spark was clearly struck, and I enjoyed the movie immensely. They were some intolerably silly bits, but I have always felt that about such genius comedians as the Goons, - in particular Peter Sellars, and Norman Wisdom, and no comedy can run on constant perfection, so I'm not moaning. From a purely selfish viewpoint, I would like to see more of, and find out more about, Simona D'Angelo who played the mother on the plane. Very pretty, very sexy. Ahhh!