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Mask (1985)
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Brilliant, 24 May 2006

This is one of, if not THE best film I have seen. OK I am a guy, but it really is an emotional film, very moving ( yes ladies I did cry). There are wonderful performances from all the leads and also from a young Laura Dern ( destined to even greater things) and the whole movie is a complete success. It has humour, action, sorrow, sarcasm, you name it it is in there. It just shows that sometimes the good guys don't always win, the ending is SO sad. The predudice is handled well and sadly we still have the same predudices present in our society today ( will we never learn?) If you haven't seen it before, settle down with the boy/girlfriend on the sofa with a box of tissues and enjoy. A totally triumphant movie!

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Totally dreadful, 24 May 2006

I have just watched this film and it is appalling. I am a fan of the science/fantasy genre and have seen some great some average and some very bad films of this type, but Ator has no redeeming qualities at all.Well OK Sabrina Siani and Ritza Brown are pleasant to look at ( especially ms Browns smile, but the plot, the acting, the direction are all dismal. Don't waste money getting this one! Alright I suppose the scenery is quite pretty, but the 'special (sic) effects are childish, the characters are wooden, the dialogue is banal, the gory bits are tame, there isn't even any sex/nudity to cause a diversion from the storyline.The tarantula is probably the best actor in the whole movie.Pass the remote!