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Like Old Clothes That Are Comfortable, 29 December 2010

The first time I saw this movie I thought it was good, however, it was nothing spectacular! After seeing it again last night, I realized that this film "First Monday In October" had a very sensitizing identification with the American voter and movie viewer. Exploring the haunting conundrum of "What exactly is the role of government in our lives?". This motion picture elaborates on the necessary challenges which plague our Supreme Court Justices. The general role of the Supreme Court is to assume the role of Devil's advocate when dealing with an issue which requires a final decision. So, if it is up to nine individuals who determine the resonating outcome for the most important issues facing our nation, why then, shouldn't one of these people be a woman? Undoubtedly inspired by the appointment of Sandra Day O'Connor by President Ronald Reagan, the first woman to ever be appointed to the Supreme Court in the history of our nation, this film delves into the redefinition of a woman's role in modern American culture.Now what exactly is the big problem with having a woman on the bench of the Supreme Court anyway? Here's my interpretation: Initially, all Americans, women and men alike, garner a delicate protectiveness towards the feminine gender. Here lies the core issue: We live in a world where rough and tumble prevails, and ultimately, left handed compliments are, emphatically, the most coveted ones. If we act gingerly around women, we ultimately conceal our real feelings towards them, hence, we have manifested a patronizing demeanor towards women that winds up being one of the most heinous insults which women can be the recipients of. What becomes the scourge while being in the company of many typical females; Emotional tip toeing, a pusillanimously yielding deference which is extremely nauseating, or, worst of all, while in front of a crowd of women, men start masquerading a ludicrously childish, sans vulgarity condescension to them. These social amenities serve as a subterfuge for men to provide a proverbial and unrealistic pedestal for women. All of these charades are wry and conciliatory actions which comply with a stilted decorum towards females. Aggregately, there arises a belittlement of women which brings on an onslaught of disconcerting mannerisms. This insincere politeness towards women is a mendacity that vitiates our candid and visceral feelings which are essential in attaining a thorough communication dynamic with each other as people. Ultimately, our societal etiquette which "reveres women" concurrently shortchanges them as human beings. The film "The First Monday In October" establishes an egalitarian criterion for all citizens, such a philosophy was a harbinger of things to come for the 1980's. I found this movie to be insightful and prescient, not to mention a well-made movie with a lot of talent!! I give it a thumbs up!! By the way, I am politically conservative, however, I did concur with Walter Mathiau's contention that our government should not be like scratchy outfits that we cannot wait to take off of our bodies the first chance we get. Our government's policies should correlate to the analogy that the rules and regulations set forth by our nation should be like old clothes that are comfortable!

Moonstruck (1987)
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I Understand!! Then Again, So Does Everybody Else!!, 8 March 2010

The bittersweet twist to this movie contains a wonderful element of romanticism that evokes an impetuous passion! These characteristics of idealistic imagery which "Moonstruck" possesses, spur on an end result of a resounding thumbs up verdict by virtually every prominent critic in Hollywood. Let me describe the circumstances to this film, simply put, they are "yesteryear". "Moonstruck" is a cohesive film which sparks the naivety of an old Italian neighborhood in New York City. New York City has always been one big melting pot that is galvanized by many bicker-some mannerisms which are indicative of typical New Yorkers, this includes a lot of Italian Americans living in New York as well! The mid and late eighties brought on an abrupt conclusion to many strong associations with various cultural stereotypes. Ethnicity polarization was a firmly embedded scourge in American history that was far more prevalent several generations before this movie was made. These generalizing proclivities still exist today, however, they are more mollified and less identifiable! For this Italian family of a bygone era, confusion, indecisiveness, agitation, and yes, of course, love, all have the comical camaraderie of an utterly human understanding to them! The kindred spirits with everyone in "Moonstruck" seems to be that of comprehending individual frailties. One might wonder about Cher playing the lead role, as she is more known as an entertainer than a big box office first billing star in a movie. In "Moonstruck", however, I think she was incredibly well suited to her role, and came off as thoroughly believable in a relatively unbelievable situation. All of the characters in "Moonstruck" are very rough around the edges, really tough, and not afraid to have a formidable duel with adversity. The most hilarious aspect to their lives is imperfection, and they are thoroughly aware of the fact that weathering the storm definitely serves a constructive purpose! I thought the acting in this movie was sensational. All relationships in this movie garner an auspicious potential to vividly illuminate because everybody knows how everybody else's basic nature is really like!! For this family, nothing is glamorous, nothing is pretentiously romantic, and nothing is overly emotional (just moderately so). The fact is, this entire family is plainly and perpetually afflicted and overcome by an extremely zealous and candid cupid in all of their lives. Taking moon beams literally can indeed have a pleasantly enervating impact on one's resolve, masqueraded mystique, and resistance to the proverbial am ore'. Thus signifying everything!! The homey and mercurial tenet in this film is basically one of ; Be honest, get angry; Be honest, get confrontational; Be honest, get distorted and emphatic; Most importantly; Be honest, and fall in love!! This is Cher's best performance ever as an actress!! Nicholas Cage, Danny Aiello, and Olympia Dukakis, were wonderfully flawed in "Moonstruck" Such performances by these three were perfectly appropriate for the kinetic energy of the characters in this movie! Director, Norman Jewison (Famous for "Cincinnati Kid", "Thomas Crowne Affair", and most famous for "In The Heat Of The Night" which won the academy award for best picture in 1967) depicts many keen and humanistic instincts in the process of purveying the deliberate incongruity to this film! I am Italian American in descent, (Partially anyways) Cher is not Italian, and, for that matter, neither is the writer nor the director! I guess since non-Italians like eating our food, they may as well use our culture to make a fabulous film too! It is refreshing to know that a film can be marvelous and have an incredibly happy ending!! For those of you who didn't like this movie, I just have one thing to say "Snap Out Of It!!" This movie "Moonstruck" is totally happy go lucky!! Totally eighties!! and Totally five stars!! See it!!

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Life Lessons, 15 February 2010

Invariably, almost all of the prominent sitcom critics in Hollywood have rated "Leave it to Beaver" to be one of the all-time classic shows in the whole history of the small screen! Such praise is definitely not too difficult to fathom at all!! The Cleavers became American icons for fifties T.V.. Jerry Mathers was the stellar top draw as "The Beav". Tony Dow was the brother, Wally, Mr All American. Hugh Beaumont, played Ward Cleaver, the perfect husband and father. Last, but certainly not least, Barbara Billingsly assumed the part of June Cleaver, she was so stereotypical of the model wife and mother that many male television viewers would perennially say, "My wife is not perfect, it's not like she's June Clever or something." "Leave it to Beaver" was synonymous with an American utopia which embraced the kindred spirits of the vast majority of families nationwide! Jerry Mathers' role as "Beaver", made him the most popular kid in the United States! June Cleaver (Barbara Billingsly's character) was indicative of the ultimate housewife who became the antithesis of woman's liberation by being egregiously submissive and deferential to her husband, Ward. In reality, however, Barbara Billingsly herself was an integral part of the harbinger of events to follow that would fortify woman's liberation just by virtue of the fact that she was a working woman. In an interview with Barbara, she told a Philadelphia newspaper reporter that she actually never personally wore an apron in her private life ever!! The whole sitcom was predicated on the wiles and chicanery that Beaver engaged in. After the television audience witnessed all of Beaver's troublesome antics, many people who watched "Leave it to Beaver" garnered an enticing empathy for the typical family of the 1950's by attaching a tenet of moral imperatives to everything. In Beaver's own precocious way, he was able to think about his precarious experiences and learn from them. The show "Leave it to Beaver" is considered one of the best shows in the entire duration of television. I think that such an accolade is due to the fact that through this whole series, all Americans could be wide eyed, whimsical, yet very astute about socially acceptable ethics which guided our youth in the RIGHT direction!! I liked "Leave it to Beaver", and I think that the appreciation for this T.V. program is timeless!! By the way, despite some crazy rumors, I do not think Wally's friend, Eddie, was played by Alice Cooper!! "Leave it to Beaver" was spectacular for back then, it is still spectacular today!!

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The Other 1%, 9 May 2009

The monotony of marriage manifests itself through a potpourri of boring actions, usually there is nothing wrong with your marriage, yet, often times, there is nothing right with your marriage either!! Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn play two people who were brought together by a happenstance encounter. Dining alone became dining together, and the rest, as they say, is history. Everything between the two of them seemed to click!! Eventually, their elongated diatribes of discontentment garnered some sort of precariously unexplained kindred spirit. Both characters' penchant for conventionalism made them reluctant to establish extra marital relations. Bottom line, the two of them may as well have flipped a coin, heads, they do it (In a manner of speaking). This is where the plot of the movie is established!! Here was the attraction, at some point, your married life of the kids, the mortgage, and the dog, must be given a reprieve for just one weekend out of an entire year. At this point, it is time to pontificate, placate, theorize, ruminate, and, most importantly, it is also a time to listen to each other. Americans call it infidelity, most archaic nations call it a mistress!! The favorite euphemism for this situation is surrogacy!! Now enters, the comprehension of hang ups, afflictions, and overall resilience which both these characters possess!!! This little endeavor of marital indiscretion was for purposes of emotional nurturing, as well as a reaffirmation of each other's necessary fortitude. Both Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn felt so justified for their actions that even mere mention of recrimination for these actions was categorized as utterly ludicrous!! In this affair, everything else was preempted by a bittersweet stoicism that mandated that this theatrical adultery linger on for 27 years and counting!! "Same Time Next Year" was originally a stage play, the dialog attempted to be witty, it did not fail, however, it was not filled with razor sharp wit either!! Movies which started out as stage plays are intriguing to me because they itemize the expressions of their characters far more effectively than a typical high budget Hollywood film!! The snippets of pop culture throughout the different decades of this film signified the change in attitudes the main characters (Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn) experienced!! The most significant concept to emanate from this movie was that 99% of your life was about doing the right thing!! The other one percent is reserved for you, and the type of person you are!! You are permitted to do one wrong thing to make all of the right things better, if you know what I mean!! In essence, the amelioration for marital infidelity in this movie served as a subterfuge for white collar psycho analysis!! Richard Mulligan directs this film, he is best known for "To Kill A Mockingbird", "Inside Daisy Clover" is my favorite Mulligan film!! The cinematography to the film "Same Time Next Year" was sensational!! The theme song "The Last Time I Felt Like This" was on the charts forever back in 1978!! My overall assessment of "Same Time Next Year" is that it was successfully unique!! Very good movie, I liked it very much!!

"Vega$" (1978)
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I Loved Robert Urich!!!!!!, 12 June 2008

Robert Urich played Dan Tanna on this very popular 1970's -80's television show, "Vega$".. The whole show was pretty entertaining, however, Robert Urich was by far and away, the greatest part of the entire series!! I think that the character Robert Urich played was so smooth and assertive!! His superiority was very evident,and everyone around him was always yearning to be just like Dan Tanna; The great looking hot shot detective!! Robert Urich was SO!! Handsome!! I do not know any women who were my contemporaries who were not just totally in love with the Vega$ character, Dan Tanna (Robert Urich)!! He was such a hot and incredibly gorgeous stud!! I thought in the sitcom "Soap" Robert Urich was cute, but in "Vega$" he had to be one of the all time prime time television studs!! Robert Urich was spectacular in "Vega$" and he is the primary reason why I loved the show!! Wow!! Robert Urich was so great!! What an absolute and total hunk!! He was oone of the first all time television hunks and probably one of the best too!!

"Grand" (1990)
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Let Me Ask A Question!!!, 11 June 2008

Let me ask a question? Who can take a guess? Who holds the key to your happiness?... This television show was a flippant account of how everyone's life is on the decline in one way or another!! People who should have psychological problems didn't!! And people who shouldn't have psychological problems did!! I found this series to be very entertaining!! Everything was just sort of out there for people to observe... The rumination to most dilemmas on this show were caused by a fatal lack of accepting responsibility!! "Grand" went off the air almost as soon as it went on, the television audience did not take to it!! I loved this show because it was during a time in my life where I was satisfied with my life!! Let's face it!! people's financial situation dictates their philosophical outlook in life!! The show "Grand" pointed this out time and time again!! I wish more shows could be like this one...One where people are honest about their shortcomings!! I give it a thumbs up!!!!

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Josh Duhamel, 21 May 2008

I think Josh Duhamel is so great!! The rest of the show is fun to watch, but, I think it is the handsome and sexy Josh Duhamel that makes the show "Las Vegas" really fun to see!! In the days of "Magnum" I loved Tom Selleck, I thought he was the sexiest man on the face of the earth!! A hunk on a television show is a must in order for women to enjoy watching something, especially just for purposes of innocuous entertainment!! I would have done anything to "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton"!! Josh Duhamel is incredible and I will always have a super crush on him!! Josh is definitely a HUNK!! and I will watch "Las Vegas" all the time, Josh Duhamel is a big reason why too!!

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Baseball Evokes A Bittersweet Recollection Of Our Accomplishments, Everybody Knows That!!, 30 March 2008

The challenges we face with our lives are so often times metaphorically relegated to the game of baseball... Baseball has always been a somber analogy of the ups and downs in our precarious existence.. This nineteenth century pastime, which evolved as a criteria for success and failure, has cultivated itself as an American ideology that reflects our fortitude as United States citizens!! This embodiment of winning and losing is the key element that made the movie "The Natural" so painstakingly identifiable!! Barry Levensen directs this film, for me, that is enough to categorize "The Natural" as one of the best movies anyone will ever see!! "Diner", which was directed by Barry Levensen, is one of my favorite movies of all time... Of course, "Rain Man" is his prize piece, "Rain Man" won the academy award for best picture in 1988!! "The Natural" is a film which garners a heartfelt empathy from the movie audience to understand Robert Redford's character's desire to prove his ability ,and reaffirm his coveted achievements to himself and to everyone around him!! Robert Redford stars in this movie, and like so many of Redford's films, the fervor to take his emotions seriously is always a critical component to justifying his comprehensive endeavors!! Robert Redford is very believable in this film, and his interpretation of peculiar occurrences, and flagrant human shortcomings, manifest themselves in a way which leaves an indelible impact on the movie audience!! I have embraced baseball as a kindred spirit, and not just a recreational hobby, that is why I love this movie!! Kim Bassinger is so incredibly beautiful in this film, and it stands to reason that Robert Redford perceives her beauty to be almost hypnotic!! Glen Close plays a succor of spiritual enlightenment for Redford, as the two of them commiserate, and engage in the intellectual luxury of delving into an onslaught of perplexing questions which require definitive answers!! For his own edification, Redford must resolve every issue in this film through the personally mandatory guise of going in accordance with his urges!! These instincts necessitate his utterly human responses!! Baseball just emerged as a cutthroat business back in the 1920's, and, suffice it to say, that subsequently, it has snowballed into a corporate nightmare of today!! Baseball has now been reduced to the clinical and callous translation of television revenue, multi million dollar salaries, and mega facilitated stadia which require subsidy by the taxpayers!! The single most poignant concept to emanate from this film "The Natural" is that an individual's accomplishments must be approved by that individual in order for them to be truly rewarding!! I found the movie "The Natural" to be a remarkable film, the acting was sensational!! Robert Duvall's role was seedy and intriguing as well!! This movie also possessed very well thought out acting performances by John Finnegan, Darrin McGavin and Jon Van Ness!! In general, Baseball parallels our national guidelines, everybody interprets so many life situations by the rule of thumb pertaining to three strikes and you're out!! The national association with baseball in this country is pandemic!! In 1984, when "The Natural" came out, people took to it, in this case, the movie audience and I were in sync!! I thought "The Natural" was a fantastic film!! I recommend to everyone that they see it!!

Fight Club (1999)
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Maybe Golf Can Fill The Void!!, 12 February 2008

It is nice to have all the material accoutrement of a thriving, cosmopolitan guinea pig. You are raptured by consumerism, which includes owning several hundred pounds of Scandinavian furniture.You have a precocious infatuation for a white collar title, and your lackluster, extra curricular activities have dictated that you mollycoddle someone with testicular cancer!! As enticing as all of this sounds, you know what sparks your interest even more, BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF SOMEONE!! (I have been underemployed for over eight years now, I am all ears!!) What do you really want out of life? Recognition at the Neanderthal level, or, to be another citified anonymity? The former, of course!! Brad Pitt conveys his message to Edward Norton very convincingly, and now, the trick is to spread the good news, but, remember rules one and two, you are not allowed to talk about it, and, you are not allowed to talk about it!! How do you persevere under such a deranged set of circumstances? Yes!! Boredom constitutes a first rate felony. Fighting to a near death represents an exuberance that has titillated Edward Norton's character to a personal Nirvana!! Dangerously convoluted logic is the ultimate spirituality. You have experienced excruciating chemical pain, someone torched your condo because they want to get to know you a little better, you got fired because you always have blood stains on your clothes, you want to blow up a credit card centralized information building complex, and sex has not been this sensational since seventh grade!! Nobody said that this was a family oriented film!! The aggregate depravity for all of the characters in the movie transcends a diversified experimentation with needless destruction, their devotion to the non-conventional is a little too difficult to comprehend!! What does anybody really accomplish by going this route anyway? Capitualation to the bizarre? This movie's charades of insurrection are exhilarating to the clinically demented (Otherwise known as the fight club) The less I know, the better off I will be I think!! Banalities pertinent to the Bourgeousie have brazenly threatened this bevy of belligerent overgrown boys who wish to brandish their high levels of testosterone... So Now!! Life is one big boxing ring!! This is a potpourri of apocalyptic misgivings which are socially perverse!! How do you empathize with any of this?... You don't!! This website has ranked this movie the 31st best film out of the top 250 ever made.... To concur with these findings would be tantamount to indulging the character that Brad Pitt played, to the nth degree!! The psychopathic rumination involved in all of these felonious antics are even more repugnant than the eating habits of an alpaca!!! It is truly indicative of human nature to favor the form of fruition which is pecuniary, their form of fruition deals with societal malcontent and mutilation!! The resonating agitation, which serves as an inspiration to everyone in this movie, is commensurate with the film "Clockwork Orange"!!! Both films possess a ruthless determination to establish an adamant,counter-culture militancy with a bunch of immature misfits!! The macabre actions to both of these movies signify a heinous non-justification which is pertinent to everything!!! This is not what the phrase "Change your sedentary lifestyle" means!!! There are other recreational diversions out there, maybe golf can fill the void!! As far as unprecedented creativity goes "Fight Club" gets a resoundingly perfect ten!!! Overall, however, for "Fight Club" to be ranked the 31st best movie ever produced, I don't know, I really just do not know about that one at all!!

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Meet Mr Detective 80's Friendly!!, 7 July 2007

Everyone loved Tom Selleck as the mischief making private investigator Thomas Magnum... This cavalier Casanova who always had teenage boy intuitions via his tiny little voice was the ideal guy, he got to drive a Ferrari, the women thought he was so good looking and athletic, and the male T.V Viewers had an overt admiration of Thomas Magnum's innocent chicanery! Always thwarting Higgins, he was the type of guy everyone wanted to be just like!! This was Tom Selleck's big break, he was a soap opera star before "Magnum" and even a contestant on "The Dating Game" ... "Magnum" is what put Tom Selleck on the superstar map, and since "Magnum" he has been tremendously successful as a big box office movie star!! People identify "Magnum" with Tom Selleck, and love the show because of him!! So did I!!

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