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Earth to Echo (2014)
Cute, but more of a redbox renter
17 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a nice amount of cute humor and sci fy fantasy. The main narrator tuck delivered a good explanation of Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Alex, Tuck, and Munch are best friends and in the movie it is shown how much they truly care for each other. Which left me with a smile on my face throughout there comedic antics. The main purpose of this movie is Echo and he is a cute little alien that is just looking for his way back home. With all the hype of it being similar to a combo of "E.T and Stand By Me" I'd say it is more stand by me rather then fully about the alien character. Nonetheless I did enjoy it and it had me laughing, a bit frightened with the intense sci fy music and a little bit sad. Although I seemed to want more description of the little alien Echo it seems the really important question about him where skipped over. More focused on the kids and there mission to help him. I did think some of the CGI was a bit to cheesy but it did leave my eyes in a gaze. Overall this movie was a 7/10 because I did enjoy the feeling of love these boys shared for each other and to Echo as they finally help him reach his goal. The only cons I have with this movie was the whole kids filming it and us seeing it from there point of view(camera shaking and moving throughout the film), and a need for more explanation about Echo.
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A Entertaining Movie with Spunk and Blood
7 February 2014
I too walked into the movie thinking it was some sort of twilight based movie. However, I enjoyed the overall film for its outlandish humor and lead actress. Some parts where a bit shocking but nothing too far from crossing over a certain line.

I have never read a single book of this series; although the movie does a wonderful job explain exactly what is going on and who everyone is. Vampire academy from times gave us teen angst and did over sexual most of its cast in some scenes. So if they are planning a sequel please don't shove sex right in our faces. It thought it was a movie that had potential to be a bit darker than just being only surrounded by high school problems. But the whimsically teen side didn't keep this movie from the mild gore. I would rate this movie an 7/10. Would I watch if there was a sequel? The answer is yes because this first movie attempt wasn't as big of a letdown as I had anticipated. The next movies if any have the possibility to break away from the usual "Teen Drama" and not hold back on the blood and guts.

If this franchise doesn't want to be compared to twilight I suggest you not make it the usual storyline. Girl and two guys, the two guys want her, she is mortal and they are supernatural, not blood all glitter. So overall this movie had wit, spunky humor, mild gore, provocative scenes, high school drama, and fangs. An overall good recipe so far for the freshman vampire movie, word to the wise for the sequels if any, just step it up and leave us wanting more.
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