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I LOVE action movies. This one's GREAT!, 28 March 2005

I've lived in the Ontario Province of Canada all of my natural days. I'm not sure whether it's because we have so much snow and rain up here, or just because I enjoy them, but I have seen almost every action film that's available. I'm not a tomboy, I just enjoy action. The first time I saw Jim Fitzpatrick, I knew he had thing for action films too. I'm sure that he enjoys making them as much as we do watching them. It's like being a kid again and going out in the back yard and playing army, or in my case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I'm also into martial arts, so I know that mister Fitzpatrick is no Chuck Norris. But, mister Fitzpatrick is a better actor than Chuck Norris is. Please continue to entertain us freezing Canucks up here in the Northern part of the continent. Thanks to you all.