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Grotesque (1988)
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Better than given credit., 4 November 2008

I like the film. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Pretty much any film with fake punks as antagonists is fairly fun. Think Class of 1984 with more make up. There isn't very much gore but the revenge element in the film is the clincher. There is a secret chamber in the house holding a terrible family secret. That element of the film was an obvious swipe from Bad Ronald. This is a better B grade film from the late 80's. I always thought this was a project where Linda Blair must've been desperate for work. Later I learned she was executive producer or something of that sort. I hope this makes it to DVD in the correct aspect ratio one day soon.

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Whis is this not on DVD?, 6 January 2007

I remember catching The Comic Strip back when it was first aired stateside. I waited with anticipation every week to see what the next show would conjure up. My favorite of the series was definitely "Bad News Tour", "More Bad News", and "The Supregrass" flick. These scamps were also responsible for aiding with the development of the phenomenal "Eat The Rich" film. Ade Edmondson, Nigel Planer, Christopher Ryan and Rik Mayall would go on to fame as "The Young Ones." Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French would go on to "French and Saunders" and eventually part ways for "Absolutely Fabulous" and "The Vicar of Dibley." Basic comparison as far as career launching would be comparative of "SCTV" or the original "Saturday Night Live" TV series here in the states. The shows and skits were very well written. Ade Edmondson and Rik Mayall would go on to do "The Dangerous Brothers," "Filthy, Madcap and Laughing" and "Bottom." Excellent stuff that is all well overdue for a region DVD reissue.

Underworld (1985)
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Not THAT bad!, 6 January 2007

Yes Clive Barker wrote this little schlocky mutant tale back in the eighties. This film can perhaps only be described as a British answer to American schlock horror and sci fi. I can only compare it to certain directorial styles developed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, Tim Ritter, Jean Rollin, Lucio Fulci and some early works by Peter Jackson. The story is a but sub par but interesting. The effects were as good as the money set forth for the production would allow of the film which translates into very limited. That is not to say that these special effects were bad, they were actually quite good. The superbly lustful and gorgeous Candy Davis who had a lengthy run with "Are You Being Served?" and Gary Shail who starred as "Spider" in the infamous "Quadrophenia" epic lend their support.

Why is this still unreleased on DVD, 5 October 2006

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Anyone who is a fan of the Something Weird DVD series should be somewhat familiar with this little gem. I saw this a few times on broadcast rabbit ear T.V. back in the eighties. It was often run after the Elvira show on weekend afternoons. They usually paired it with such classics as The Giant Spider Invasion, Tarantulas: Deadly Cargo, or Kiss of the Tarantula.

It may not win the hearts of all but if you are a fan of revenge, narrow minded rednecks, aimless gun play, biker films, real gritty biker films and facets of the independent 70's cinema then this film might just be what the doctor ordered.

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Needs a Widescreen DVD release!!, 16 July 2006

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Buena Vista recently bought New Concorde. What does this mean to us....?

It means clever little horror gems (and not so clever horror gems or series)like "Humanoids From the Deep", "Piranha", "The Nest", "The Terror Within", "Sorority House Massacre" and "Slumber Party Massacre" get shelved....Basicaly any film you ever loved that Roger Corman produced or took a hand in!

This film although not the greatest slab of celluloid is quite entertaining. Another graceful monsters invading a small town feature where the local authorities take the heroes for a couple of whack jobs. Yes, it is more entertaining and better than it sounds. If you are a fan of the old creature features from the fifties and sixties then this is a film for you. It was made in the great era of the practical special effects wizard and made Fangoria reader's go.....oooh and ahhh! Will this film see the light of day in it's correct aspect ratio? Will it see it again at all? I guess we are left at the merciless hands of Disney...

This needs to be released on DVD!!!, 16 July 2006

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This is an awesome live VHS that In Effect put out back in the day. The sound is crisp and perfect! A no holds barred packed show at the Ritz. Sick of It All were in their prime. They play mainly songs from the old "self titled" Revelation EP, "We Walk Alone EP" and "Just Take a Look Around." Gorilla Biscuits although in perfect form with their final line up apparently broke up shortly after the VHS came out. In fact they perform the track "Distance" that to my knowledge can only be found on the "Walter Sings" CD that is long out of print. The live version on this CD is far superior. Agnostic Front were on their "One Voice" tour with their line up before a long hiatus ensued. The play "almost" everything you wanna hear. From "Victim in Pain" all the way up to "One Voice." The VHS includes interviews from all three premiering bands and another extra touching note of humor is that interviews with Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy's Law and Parris Mayhew and Harley Flannigan from the Cro-Mags were also included. I really hope somebody reissues this really soon. My VHS copy won't last forever...

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Another fantastic Amicus feature that needs a DVD release!, 16 July 2006

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From the Hammer Studios greatest competitor you get a series of several short stories laid out in a "Tales From The Crypt" style that all interconnect with an antique dealer. The stories are cleverly written in the classical horror sense. Donald Pleasence gives a fantastic portrayal as a down on his luck veteran and David Warners role goes beyond words as an excellent character. This should have seen the light of day sooner on DVD. Perhaps Dark Sky films will pick it up as they have just released another excellent Amicus title "Asylum." This film is worth the time if you enjoy films in the classical portrayed vein of Hammer titles.

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Not complete rubbish by any stretch!!, 16 July 2006

This needs to be released on DVD. Very much worth your time as an early Robbie Coltrane vehicle. A Humorously befitting forerunner prior to his enrollment in the excellent BBC "Cracker" series. Also featured is Lance Loud the ex-front man of New York's, Max's Kansas City mainstay "The Mumps" in his first film. The Mumps were an important precursor in the New York punk rock scene. I haven't seen this film since the mid eighties. It did embark on some areas of slasher sleaze and cheese which were no different than Abel Ferrara or Herschell Gordon Lewis' era of excellent exploitations in independent film. I would like to see this again someday!