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Just a reminder that you were young once!, 6 August 2010

When i first saw this movie in my freshman year with my best friend, i was really awed by all the banter that's about friendship, "not" love. Inspired by the dancing scene, we got into the college's dancing club. HE(being my best friend) found her actual wife there (me being the best man at the wedding), and i scored 2 chicks in that very same club. So i decided to see it again today (being 07.08.2010), and the movie felt so raw yet so sincere. I was back at my college days, fooling around carelessly, and saw my friend in that movie, finding out his true love.

What i mean is, this movie is a great part of my life, and when you see it, even if it isn't as literally as mine, it will be one of yours too. And if it isn't, you really should stop watching this genre!

And just for the record; Freddie Prinze Jr. IS a bad actor. Oh well.

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If you like anime, you should try this one., 19 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well, I've been an anime fan for -say 10 yrs?- a long time. And none of the series got a hold on me like this one. All the characters in this anime are well-thought and placed. The animations are WONDROUS I might add, and you can see the characteristic "samurai ID" slip away into the hands of sensitive (altough never shows it) Jin and "'Nevermind'er" Mugen. These two guys (one a Ronin, the other a criminal) are the characters I added without a thought to my "best characters ever!" list. The anime contains both funny and sad scenes without disturbing the ambiance of it. And the last episodes are so dramatic and tense that they will keep you on your fingertips until the end. I'm telling you. You DEFINITELY should see this one.

Big Fish (2003)
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Never wrong about Tim Burton., 3 April 2005

Most people think that the acting is a little more important than directing. Well, I love Tim Burton because every time I see one of his movies, he proves other people wrong. Just like Big Fish. Every actor and actress in the movie are wondrous stars. Still, as you will -or did- notice, the acting is not the "point" in the movie. The story is so breath taking, so extraordinary, so dreamy that you cannot understand the fact that this unreal tale cannot be true at all.

Even though you can't see the colors Burton has always shown us in his movies, Big Fish's color correction is so precise for its genre, that it lures the audience right into its beauty of shiny, not-so-Burton color. And the editing was well placed during those leaps through past- and right into the dream world of Ed Bloom.

Tim Burton has shown us his mastership at every aspect of making a movie again. His thoughts, ideas and his weird -and full of surprises- dream world continues to create as we watch them amazed by his skill of expressing them. I can see no flaw in this movie, as I never did in any one created by his mind. Long live Tim Burton!!!

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What you want to see, this ship will give you. After twisting it., 2 April 2005

The first time I watched it, I nearly did my pants. The thrilling nearly got me out of my seat. Sam Neill playing the best of his, is leading the movie into a more respectable level. When I see a movie (be it a sci-fi or not), I expect them to tell what drives the movie. "Event Horizon" answers my need of understanding the act. Back at the "Alien", we knew nothing about the aliens - where did they live, why were they trapped, and more important (for me) who trapped them (remember the large body on the com deck?). Event Horizon leaves no doubts or no shadows about its basis. The "English explanation" of Dr. Weir about the speed of the ship Event Horizon is still ringing through my ears! Anyway, it's still one of the most horrifying movies I have ever seen. I just don't understand how people dared to vote it 1!

The Fly (1986)
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Jeff The Fly, 2 April 2005

The Fly is one of the best sci-fi movies shot during the 80's, no doubt. Jeff Goldblum's act, blending with Jeena Davis' caused wondrous results. Even though you cannot identify the body and the face of Jeff Goldblum later in the movie, his "characteristic" movements can be seen from the surface. Which makes you feel more pity towards the creature Jeff has become. But the "scientist" character makes you ask questions about the movie like "Why does he talk like he's a literature professor more than a nutty genius scientist?!". "Brundlefly" uses no scientific expressions which shades Jeff's play.

Still, the movie deserves more than it gets. Years later, it's still worth watching.

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uh-oh., 30 March 2005

Verily, if someone would ask me the question "What is the thing that you hate THE MOST?", this movie should be the answer. This movie is why Turkish movie sector is way back from other countries'. All along the movie, you will not see a sign of the director, creating something -anything!- that is actually the idea of anyone Turkish. I am ashamed that such a movie was shot (copy-pasted, actually). Others might look into this movie as a joke, but I think it is as serious as the assassination of Kennedy (I guess that hits the spot!)! This is the embodiment of all those wasted years of Turkish movie sector! I mean come on! Turkish Star Wars?! It IS the Star Wars!!! I pity the time I wasted watching this movie. I'll kill myself if I hear its name just one more time. It's an affront to every movie I love.

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A Comment Over Friendship, 28 March 2005

I watched the movie 5 years after it was released, and I'm glad that I had. I wouldn't have understood a thing I watched it back in my childhood. I can't say that I totally understood it until my 20's since it's a critique for the relations between genders. Lots of analysis's are being made throughout the movie which are pretty accurate for both sides. Funny thing is that there really is no such thing like friendship after sex -or even after breaking up-. Meg Ryan and -especially- Billy Crystal are at the peak of their performances during the movie, and I must say Meg is a little overpowered by Billy's style and talent. Meg keeps a flat line of act but it would be wrong to say that she effected the film in a negative manner. Quite the contrary actually. And the lenses used during the shots, takes the movie one step higher than its competitors. The autumn shots actually shot me more than the movie itself. Totally romance and this movie is one of the best romantic comedy ever shot!

Batman (1989)
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The First Two Batman Are The Last., 28 March 2005

When I saw this movie in the theater back in '89, I was just a kid - a kid paralyzed by the looks and the charisma of the super-hero ever! I didn't know much about directors those times, so I gave all the credit to Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Years later I understood that Tim Burton -leading as my favorite director- was all behind this, making Gotham City darker and wicked, taking Batman to a fearsome -unlike that horrible TV show!- and heroic level as he should have been. As Michael Keaton was born to fulfill his destiny as Batman, I don't think anyone else could handle the Joker except Jack Nicholson. I have never seen any character more suitable than these pair of super actors as super heroes. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad for the first two movie was shot by Tim Burton, for the following ones was not as good as the ones shot by him. The third one was not as bad as the fourth. But the "Batman and Robin" was the final humiliation ever made to me (I really don't know what Joel Schumacher was thinking). I bet everyone involved in the first two was crying their eyes out at the end of the movie. Anyway, Tim, Michael, Jack and Kim was the best crew for a movie, and they made it worth watching it over and over again. "Batman" is amongst the best movies I've ever seen.

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Fortunate Accident!, 28 March 2005

The first time I've seen this movie, I knew I'd add it to my "classics", and here it is. Kate Beckinsale shows her talent -finally- within the movie by blending right into the act of John Cusack. Since I'm in love with these kind of movie scripts, the movie got me in its clasp as I've heard Armstrong's deep voice in the beginning. As the movie starts, the movie's philosophy starts to reveals itself through a pair of black Kashmir gloves. The fact that love will find a way through it all is buzzing all around the movie and makes you feel warmer even though it's winter and snowing. The ice skating section and the ending section on the same "floor" are wondrous moments which any people would like to live - which makes the movie closer to the audience. The thought of someone "right around the corner" waiting for you is all around the movie and makes you feel like go out and find "them". A really cute story with a good sense of humor. Deserves my 9! I just LOVE watching it!