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Some shows are entertaining, have great directing, or exceptional writing, but for one reason or another they are not given the recognition they deserve (whether by the general public or Hollywood). They may have a cult following but would never be considered or taken seriously in Hollywood. This is my opinion of the 10 most underrated shows in (modern) television (both cancelled and airing).
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Just a bunch of pretty people.
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Just some movies that I have nerded out to since I was a kid. In particular points in life they became extremely significant to me to a point where I can basically recite the script and know the names of all the actors and crew members involved in the project.
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In no particular order, on the night of September 30th I arranged a list of intricately picked movies for the entire month of October. All in honor of my favorite holiday. If you even MENTION Twilight I will send you a virus. No I won't, but know I am capable of it X]