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Crash (2004/I)
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Spike Lee would be very jealous., 23 July 2005

"Crash" a movie I would love to watch over & over again & recommend it to anyone who likes to watch a brilliant movie. I won't be discussing the scenarios in the movie because i don't wanna give away any parts. This is possibly the most accurate movie about racism, i'm sure if this was a Spike Lee movie it would have definitely got out of hand & there would have been everyone killing one another. Paul Haggis the Director of the piece of art has done something Spike Lee has been trying to do for more than 20 years & in my opinion has done it a lot better. All the actors in this movie are perfectly casted. I have to say the actor Michael Pena (playing a Mexican) is an actor on the rise, his one performance alone could win this movie awards. Terrence Dashon Howard is another actor who i've never seen before & he was awesome as well. Matt Dillon's acting in this was as brilliant as it was in The Outsiders, Sandra Bullock, Ludicrous, Ryan Phillipe & Larenz Tate were all great as well. It's all set basically in a days period. If you a fan of art or drama movies then i'm sure you won't be disappointed. 9.5 / 10

Guess Who (2005)
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Not a bad movie, but it's all been done before., 23 July 2005

Guess Who starring Ashton Kutcher & Bernie Mac is basically the same movie as Guess Who's Coming To Diner (1967)which starred Sidney Poitier & Spencer Tracy but the only difference is that its reversed in colour. To be honest with you all I wasn't expecting much from this movie, mostly because of the bad reviews & from what my mates have told me. It gets a little slow at times mostly due too the repetitive jokes & remarks made by Bernie Mac. There are some scenes where you would laugh out loud, this is one of the fewer PG-13 rated movies that you can actually watch with the family. Overall the movie had a pretty good meaning to it but it all could've been done a little better by putting a few more jokes in it to make it a better comedy. To make a long short Simon Green (Kutcher) & Theresa Jones (Saldana) are an interracial couple Theresa wants to introduce (Kutcher) to her family but hasn't told them he's white, basically Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) starts to test his patience & how honest he really is. My rating is 6 / 10, give it a shot.

Dorm Daze (2003)
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I didn't expect much, but what I found was a hidden treasure, 20 July 2005

First of all let me start of by saying I'm very surprised to see this movie have such a low rating & bad reviews. Personally i thought that this was one of the better high school comedies i've seen, Its not as good as Harold & Kumar Goto White Castle but its a lot better than Van Wilder. It was great to see former child stars such as Danielle Fishel better known as Topanga from the t.v. show Boy Meets World, Tatyana Ali also more known for her role as Ashley from the hit show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air & last of all Patrick Renna also known as Hamilton 'Ham' Porter for his role in The Sandlot.This movie is a cross between American Pie & Rat Race. If your a fan of teen flicks then i would definitely recommend this to you, it's actually a great movie to watch with a bunch of friends. I'd rate this movie 7 / 10. Trust me you'll like it.

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Don't compare this to X-men & Spiderman, it's good in its own way., 10 July 2005

I don't understand the reason behind the bad reviews & comments given to this movie, I mean this movie was pretty good, i think one of the main reasons behind it is that Fantastic Four was never popular as some of the other Marvel comics, so people didn't really care to see this as much as Spiderman or X-men, personally Ben Grimm was one of the more outstanding characters, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm was one of the main reasons for me watching the movie for obvious reasons. Chris Evans as Johnny Storm was pretty funny throughout the whole movie. I really enjoyed the movie from start to finish. It was very much an entertaining movie, but maybe fell to short in time, it could've been a little longer but it seemed to finish a little to quickly. My main point to this review is to inform people just to watch this movie with an open mind.

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My Favourite Nickelodeon cartoon ever. Patrick Star is outstanding., 22 June 2005

Spongebob is a cartoon not only to be liked by children but even elders because its sort of like Ren & Stimpy but not as filthy. Spongebob Squarepants is star of the show he is basically a yellow sponge living under the sea in a place called Bikini bottom. He has a job at a fast food restaurant called the Krusty Krab where he works for Mr. Krabs who is a very money hungry Krab always looking for a get rich quick scheme. Patrick Star is his best friend who is a Pink chubby star, in my opinion is the best character on this show, he's even dumber & more clueless than Homer Simpson. Squidward Tentacle is Spongebobs next door neighbor & also his co-worker at the Krusty Krab but can't stand Spongebob at all & hates working. They basically are the four main characters in the show but when you start watching the show you will start to recognize the characters more. A great cartoon for the whole family. overall from the two or three seasons i've seen of this, i would rate this around 8.5 / 10.

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My Favourite 3 Stooges short., 9 June 2005

This is probably the funniest 3 Stooges short made. It's catching them at their peak stage of life. Curly is a legend here, he truly shines & proves to us that he is the best of slapstick comedy ever made. Long live the 3 stooges. AS you might notice the majority of the 3 stooges episodes that are classics are all done before 1940, because after that some of the episodes started to become a little repetitive, but still good.

"Trivia" The reason why curly walks on his tippy toes all the time is because he shot himself in the foot with a gun while hunting with his dad at a very young age.

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Quiet an entertaining movie, yet also a very corny movie., 9 June 2005

I have to give this movie credit where its due, it certainly was an entertaining movie, I guess the main reason why I totally didn't like the movie was because it is slightly misleading. OK the main reason people would watch this movie is because of the 3 main stars, Val Kilmer Christian Slater & LL Cool J, but what you would wanna know is that both Val Kilmer & Christian Slater are both in the movie for maximum of ten minutes each. So that is one of the bigger downfalls. Secondly while watching it you can pick up that the acting in the movie wasn't all great & that you know this is made on a lower budget. The story line is not original & kinda amateurish. To make a long short the movie is about a FBI psychological profiling program, Val Kilmer is the officer who tests out some of his men & women on a training island which is all set up with a murder which they have to try to solve as a team, but when each one of them start getting killed one by one the situation starts to get a little out of hand. If I had the rate this movie on an overall mark considering the acting, story & cast I would give this movie a 6 / 10. A movie I probably wouldn't rush out to rent a second time.

Madagascar (2005)
Not Exactly "The Incredibles" equally as good as "Shark Tale"., 6 June 2005

One of the shortest 3D animated movies i've seen in a while. This movie is quiet average for being an animated movie, it's not too funny as you would think it is by the previews. Considering the Stars in this movie it still wasn't that funny. Sacha Baron Cohen's character of King Julian The Lemur was probably the most outstanding character. Chris Rock was actually not that funny at all here. Ben Stiller's character was pretty much the same as he is in all of his movies. David Schwimmer was pretty funny as well they made him sound the same as he did in Friends. The Story line is pretty much similar to all animated movies where they go on an adventure where they meet some enemies & make new friends along the way too. The 4 penguins are also another good point about the movie. OK so I know my review made this movie sound a little dull but it's not too bad, I'm pretty sure the kids will enjoy it a lot. So my conclusion is that its a good family movie & it does have its fair share of laughs too, i'd give it 6.5 / 10.

Boogeyman (2005)
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Boogeyman don't make a sequel., 23 May 2005

Boogeyman is one of the most lamest horror movies i've ever seen. The whole movie is about basically nothing & the Boogeyman himself doesn't even look at all scary, it was so fake looking you could tell that it was done with cheap visual equipment. The reason this movie fails is not because of the acting, it's actually because the movie itself has a very weak plot. I mean realistically how scary can a movie be if it's based on a thing you fear as a little kid, so my guess is that if younger kids watch this movie they might get get scared other than that I'm happy i didn't pay over $10 to see this at the movies. I wasn't expecting much from this & thats exactly what i got a 2 / 10 at the most. I'm sorry but even Jeepers Creepers is more enjoyable than this. Not recommended.

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Jackass: The Movie is truly a laugh riot. Just too many rear ends., 15 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love basically everything about this movie I only watched this last night on DVD, i've been wanting to watch it for sometime now, but i have to say that this movie is bloody hilarious some of the instant gags scenes they show for like a split second are stand outs. A lot of people talk about Jackass but i've never actually sat down to watch an episode of it, but definitely liked what I saw. Really the only thing in this movie I didn't like is the countless # of times they show everyones butt & also which I didn't like at all & thought that it was enough to make a straight person gay or bi was when Ryan Dunn puts a toy car in a condom & uses some lubricant & jams it in his rectum, I didn't like that scene one bit that really put me off, guaranteed that 1 - 10 people will throw up while watching this movie, it has everything from small paper cuts between fingers to someone drinking their own urine. If you are looking for a laugh you should see this immediately but make sure you keep the remote handy if it gets too much for you I personally loved it so my rating is 8.5 / 10, I would give it a perfect 10 but that rectum scene was over the top & disturbing.

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