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Details about content of film are enclosed, 21 January 2007

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I came to this film with absolutely no expectations but I came out quite satisfied. Yes, there is not enough wit and too much violence here. The torture scene is oh so grotesque. And, I'm sorry, but it is at least a half hour too long! Yet Craig and Dench are both such capable actors and you can't stop looking at him. His body and movements are pure cartoon super hero and he looks dangerous. In a not totally unrelated matter, why are there two gorgeous ladies in this film but the only interesting chemistry remains between Bond and M? Best Lines : "That game almost killed me", Bond (returning to the table after his opponent poisons his martini during a poker match). "Oh, I miss the Cold War", M (after Bond makes a serious mistake and does not "defect or commit suicide", like double 00 agents used to). Surprise cameo: A defibrillator in the glove compartment of the Bond Mobile! Best Scene: Bringing down the house in Venice...

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This comment contains details about content of the show., 21 January 2007

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This was one of my favorite episodes of of the Behind the Music series, simply because Weird Al does not take himself seriously. Also, there is no trace of what has become the Behind the Music Mantra, "the same things that had brought them together now began to tear them apart". It is not a crash and burn story. It is about a guy who went to architecture school (where some of his friends admit they thought he was already kind of "weird") and left to pursue a career writing music parodies. His fascination with the disc jockey Dr. Demento inspired him and the jockey helped him to get his work on the air. There is a very funny bit about an early concert where the audience was hostile to Al when he opened for another band. And, hey, had we ever seen Judy Tenuta appear as a talking head for anyone before? If you want a show that is like its subject, witty, mad but in control, this is for you. WHEN ARE THESE EPISODES GOING TO BE AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL OR PURCHASE ?!?

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It's 2005 and "Two For The Road" is STILL not out on DVD, 26 March 2005

Am I the only one who wants this movie to be cleaned up and put on DVD but pronto!? The last time I rented this at Blockbuster the copy was so bad it was like watching it through a dirty window.

What a shame that such a carefully made, well-acted 60's flick has been so neglected.

Please Note: Albert Finney and Eleanor Bron are still around so the possibility still exists of a Special Feature interview segment. I'm sure they have some interesting stories about the making of this film.

And Stanley Donen, the film's director, is now pushing 81 (his birthday will be on April 13). He also directed Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face and Charade.

Beyond the Fringe (1964) (TV)
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Tape of Beyond the Fringe shown March 2005 at New York Museum of Television and Radio, 26 March 2005

We saw a tape (in glorious Black and White) of the Closing Night of Beyond The Fringe (1964) at the New York Museum of Television and Radio. There was a remark in the Website that the full tape of this show is lost or erased but this tape was 2 hours long.

Although the tape quality was not always good (especially the sound!) and the audience looked oddly wooden we so enjoyed seeing this. Dudley Moore was such a great Parodist and Musician. He does parodies of Brecht, Schubert and Britten (Britten's Little Miss Muffett was especially funny). How sad that both he and Peter Cook are now dead.

We also enjoyed seeing Alan Bennett again doing his bit as the Vicar giving a long rambling sermon based on Ezra "My brother is a hairy man but I am a smooth man..." Was this once once broadcast on PBS?

Could some industry executive PLEASE put this out on DVD as soon as possible!!! And while we're at it what about Bennett's Talking Heads? At present it is only available in the UK.