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"Scorpion" (2014)
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Yet another missed opportunity on US TV, 30 September 2014

The premise of 'Scorpion' looks very promising. A bunch of geniuses help the government solve complected situations. Sounds cool? not really.

I have been writing about this sort of stuff for years on IMDb. Get good script writers, for god sake. The storyline, the dialogue are so poor and contrived. The show is fast moving - but in the wrong way, and to top it all - some terrible casting choices, it is quite unbelievable.

The lead - Elyes Gabel - is a dreadful miscast. He has close to zero charisma, and it is in fact a pain to watch him on the small screen. He may be a good actor - but not in this I'm afraid. I would kill to see Nicholas D'Agosto in that roll. What a mistake.

The rest of the cast is no better. Arch-typical list of charterers - the oriental girl, the fat guy, the hipster, the government agent - come on! It's all reeks of a show by numbers.

The only one which is decent as far as casting goes is the lovely Ms Katharine McPhee.

I wonder if it lasts.

"Partners" (2014)
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A great missed opportunity, 13 August 2014

This could have been Kelsey Grammar little summer show. And indeed - the 5 points I have given this show are all his.

But thus lies the problem. Grammar is such a great actor, he overshadows everyone else. It reminds of of Star Trek:TNG and Patrick Stewart performance; Grammar does the same here. It's basically old-Fraser again, but this time his is a lawyer. I love watching Grammar at work, and it is a great shame that his previous show 'Boss' was cancelled - what a huge mistake.

The other problem with the show is Grammar counter-part, Martin Lawrence. This is a travesty of miscast here. Lawrence is exceedingly poor, his comic timing is so off it is actually quite sad. He is no much for Grammar who steps all over him. Seriously bad casting.

The other actors are mediocre to typical. They do not help the show at all in my eyes, and I can actually see this show would have been much better with a better cast. I say: fire the cast director!

The stories are again quite sloppy and the dialogue really quite dismal. I do not understand how Grammar was convinced to do this project. He is so much better than this.

Disappointed with the show, less disappointed with Grammar, who's always great.

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A far cry from the original French show, 25 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched the original French show last year and enjoyed it very much. The show was shot beautifully, the actors were very good and the storyline captivating despite the intentional slow pace of the show. it was simply brilliantly done, and I can't wait for the 2nd season which will air come November 2014.

So, I wasn't too surprised when the show was picked up for USA market. now, when US broadcaster buys a foreign show it is usually a hit or a miss. More then often, however, it is a miss. 'The Killing' (Denmark) was not bad, but certainly not half as good as the original. 'The Bridge' (Denmark/Sweden) was just plain awful, while 'In Treatment' & 'Homeland' (both Israel) were quite a success (although yet again not as good as the original); Still, there is always room for new adaptations in US TV.

'Resurrection' pilot, I have to admit, was really quite good. A far cry from the original French show, it gave some hope for an interesting development. However, this hope was soon crashed in the 2nd & 3rd episodes. The storyline is dull, uninspired and written as if for children, or adults with a birds brain.

The whole premise of the show is flawed. The main character - played strangely by Omar Epps - is completely redundant, and while watching we were just wondering what the hell is he still doing there. His job was only to deliver a child - and suddenly he is a sort of resident cup or detective (?). He goes from house to house with a glum look on his face, 'investigating'. So unbelievable and unnecessary.

The boy & his family are sort of OK, but when it comes to the other characters it is a complete shambles. Added to that is bad script, as if it was written by children, and a storyline with no real purpose.

This is an ongoing problem on American TV at the moment, especially with the national broadcasters - it is hard to find a decent show on their schedule which does not scream 'trite'. My advice? watch cable.

"Believe" (2014)
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Unbelievable Chaotic Show, 25 March 2014

I was waiting to see this show. The pilot, whom I thought was supposed to be a 'best episode of the show' was chaotic, badly shot and the script was totally out of place.

I was watching it with a friend, and we both agreed that not only we do not understand what the hell is going on, who is chasing who, or why, we basically found it all in the end quite tiresome and uninteresting. Even after watching the 3rd episode we still do not understand this chase. And frankly - we do not care.

This is a particular disappointment as Alfonso Cuaron ('Gravity') is signed off on this. This show - and other like it - shows a continuing decline in original scripting for TV in recent years. They make these shows - but there is no real thought behind them, no moral message of any kind, and as for sheer entertainment - that has gone out of the window as well.

Very disappointed.

Gravity (2013)
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Elizabeth Mitchell would have been better in this role, 11 November 2013

'Gravity' is the first ever film I saw in 3D. No, I didn't see 'Avatar' in 3D, in fact I only waited to see it on TV.

I saw 'Gravity' in 3D because I knew I would be able to. That means, all other 3D films are full of fast movement action packed scenes, that my eyes simply can not withstand. But in 'Gravity', although there was some movement, it would be slow and quite breathtaking with the earth down below. I had to see this movie.

And I have not been disappointed. 'Gravity' is a superb film, total 100% enjoyment even if one finds the plot quite dull at times (which I have not) - just enjoy the camera movement, the scale of it all. Breathtaking - did I say it already? Yes.

I understand they wanted big names for these roles. I always liked Sandra Bullock but in this particular film she was just 'OK' for me. It's a shame, because there are tons of great actresses who could have done it better, indeed like the impressive Elizabeth Mitchell ('Lost', 'V', 'Evolution').

As for George Clooney - well, he is OK but again I feel a better actor could have made this film even more outstanding then it is.

To summarise - great film, magnificent cinematography, amazing cgi, captivating plot. A fantastic way to spend 2 hours. Go and see it.

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Worst casting, acting and script ever!, 25 September 2013

I was really looking forward for this. So much potential I thought after the wonderful Marvel movies. Surely they can't go wrong.

Oh my. Was I wrong.

45 minutes of the most innate worthless TV I have ever seen. I just could not believe they were making such cheap poor shows anymore. Bring back the days of The 4400, Heroes, V, Eureka and alike. The latest batch of Sci-fi shows is terribly poor in conceiving as well as production levels.

S.H.I.E.L.D looks cheap and low budget, the dialogue is awful but worse of all: The casting. This must be the worst casting in TV at the moment. Not even ONE actor deserve a good mention, not even the child!! How bad can it be? just watch it and see.

Won't last beyond episode 6.

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I know Made In Jersey is cancelled, but!..., 31 December 2012

I have watched all 8 episodes of MIJ and I enjoyed doing so, The show have some vitality, and I rate it similar in tone to other legal drama as 'Suits' and 'Franklin & Bash'.

MIJ legal cast was very good indeed, and made me want to watch the show further. The cases and the characters in the office were very good.

However the biggest drawback of the show that it was 'too ethnic', 'too Italian' if you like. The backdrop of the main character family life were a tad boring, and would probably interest mainly.. well, Italian from Jersey... It has very little wide appeal and did not catch my attention. Frankly I used to skip those bits to get to the good legal stuff.

The main character herself spoke with too much accent, which in reality would simply be not accepted in a real high-profile New York firm. She, at the very least, should have been made 'less' ethnic and more in line with the other legal colleagues. And we haven't started talking about hair, makeup and cloths...

So all in all the show had very good premise, and was very watchable, but it had some significant drawbacks which most probably added to it's early demise. Shame though, because it did carry very good cast and good scripts.

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Great Film, but no closure.., 18 October 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is well written and acted. I truly enjoyed watching it, as the cast was chosen well and were believable. The story line was very interesting and gripping at times.

However, not sharing spoilers here, the film sort of ended on a high note - but no real closure. I feel there was more room to develop in some areas. For example what has happened to the main charterers after the ending, or maybe some more of the relationship between Jeff and his former (high-school?) girlfriend.. I needed 40 more minutes to tie in this feature nicely.

Maybe there will be a director cut of the film? maybe.

Toast (2010) (TV)
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Wonderful Production, Disturbing life story.., 23 August 2011

I have written 2 marks out of 10 for the sheer good production of the film, as well as the actors in it.

However, as the storyline unfolds I felt more and more uncomfortable with it. It seems that Mr Slater - a well known Chef in the UK over the past 20 years or so - has a lot to answer for.

His portray as a child and as a young adult left me cold and disheartened. That boy was spoilt, obnoxious and a snob. Seriously I would not have liked to have met him at any time past or present.

His unreasonable and disturbing distaste of Mrs Potter - his father's second wife - is a testimony of his unkind and non empathic true self. I doubt if he has changed for the better in later years.

I have to confess I did not enjoy this story. It was not entertaining nor educational in any way. In fact the only thing I could say about it is that it was disturbing. Very disturbing.

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Low budget sci-fi for hardcore fans only, 20 June 2011

They say that in every show, the pilot episode is the best one of the series. This review is based solely on the pilot double-feature.

With names like Steven Spielberg (producer?) and Robert Rodat (creator) connected to this series, expectations run high.

However watching the pilot was not an enjoyable task. As for the premise of the show I will let others describe. I would only like to echo my thoughts which it left me with.

The show general lookout gives the impression that we have seen it all before. Indeed, if you have watched either 'Jericho' or 'Jeremiah' you would feel this show is a sort of a mix of the two, but with some aliens lurking about in background.

This is not a sci-fi show per se: the aliens play very little part of the ongoing on screen. You see a glimpse of them from time to time but that's about it. We do not see the inner spaceships, their motives or any other hint of what they are doing on Earth. As a sci-fi fan I found that fact quite disappointing. I should also like to say the CGI effects are very poor in quality, like an early 90's show I'd say. Really shocking.

The great part of the pilot deals with human survival and it's consequences. Interesting you say? well, think again.

Yet again typical American know-it-all attitudes, even in the face of near extension. Yet again 'goodies' vs. 'baddies'. Yet again always a good looking lady doctor at hand. Need I continue?

I'm surprised that Noah Wyle wanted to do this. This is clearly a B-rated cable show, nothing more. Also puzzled by Steven Spielberg involvement.

Would not last beyond first season. 2 / 10 from me.

**** Update 9th July 2011 ****

How extraordinary! TNT just announced 2nd season of this. It looks as if the US views will chew just about anything they are given, as long as famous names are connected with the project, while good shows like 'V', 'The Event', 'Lie To Me' and many more are getting cancelled.

Mind boggling!

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