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No Superman the Animated Series but still fun ., 28 March 2005

Before watching this show , I reminded myself no matter how much its going to suck it cant be worse than the first episode of Teen Titans or the entire new Batman show , which , I was right it didn't suck as much as the first episode of Teen Titans or the nonsense called The Batman in fact it didn't suck at all , I became aware of it a few months ago and made it a point to watch it , I was surprised by the first two episodes , it was a kids show yes , but it want dumbed down like Dora the Explorer but more like Pinky and The Brain , with out the famous faces , actually there was one famous face that showed up in a big red cape , Superman which made the entire thing worth watching , still it had some minor flaws , but still how can anything with PAul Dini on board be horrible , not something to set the alarm clock for but don't pass it by or mock it , again this is not The Batman ,but a rather intelligent little cartoon

Batman (1989)
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Launching Pad but no Master Pice, 25 March 2005

The 1989 Batman blew me away the first time i saw it , granted I was five it is still one of my favorite movies of all time , it has many plot hole, kick to the teeth for die-hard fans like myself of the comic but still , the feel , of it Batman in the Batmobile , the Plane ,Alfread , the cave everyhing , but it had its faults to , whys is Batman 40ish and just starting out? Why dose he do what he dose(We all know but would like it explained),Why did he kill like five people and the Joker?Still the opening scene of the mugging, where Batman doesn't really save anybody , the guy's wallet wasn't really returned, but Batman did have a bad-ass entrance and from there the movie was set , to bad the sequels couldn't live it to this....