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Bridesmaids (2011/I)
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Absolute Dross, 13 January 2012


2:10 mins of teeth itching drivel. I enjoy a good comedy i really do. this wasn't one it was desperate, obvious and weak. So much talent in this film to many really talented comedy actors and actresses and yet it was an effort to sit through it. Cheap Cheap jokes, vomit, pooh and schoolgirl competitiveness. Worst comedy since the mister Magoo film, Scooby doo or Dennis the Mennis. Baring in mind that they were all rubbish children's films. What irks me is all of the review on IMDb and all of the adverts that lead me to download this dross EVEN THOUGH I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE RUBBISH!!!!

What I don't understand is how it rated so high on IMDb if i could give it a negative number is would and it would be in the high double figures.

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Pathetic!!!!, 30 March 2007

Easily the worst film I have seen since little shop of horrors....

And what Horrors there were in this film.

National Lampoons films up until now had a certain pedigree, they were a bit cheesy but very funny Chevy Chase was always brilliant in them.

This was just a pathetic ego booster for Paris Hilton as far as I can see who obviously is believing her own hype.

Paris should stick to home made porn and shopping that is all she is good for Her parents must be so proud. I think she is a terrible actress in fact it didn't even seem like she was acting to me it was pathetic.

To all of you who watched it just for Paris Hilton and drool over her grow up she is a spoilt slapper who can't act. Get a grip.

As for the producers of this film, hat kind of idiots do you take us for. Do better next time or there wont be too many opportunities for you to produce crap movies because people wont watch them.

If I could mark this film lower I would.

Turistas (2006)
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Surprisingly good, 14 March 2007

I agree with McGreysFan, this film is much better than you would expect. It is not a horror it is a thriller and I suspect that the reason it has been rated so low is that the people voting on it are of the 18-24 demographic.

this is a good thriller, not a slash and splatter horror, which I am not in to really because they are always a bunch of dumb teens running around and screaming. Terrible acting with no real story.

This film had good acting, a good story and I enjoyed it, I almost didn't watch it because I was put off by the IMDb rating of it. One thing though, the English guy Finn I think his name was, man did he do my head in, I am English and I found him incredibly annoying.

As a comparison I would say this film was much better than Hostel which I would give a 2 this I would rate as a five. It was an adult film. A decent thriller with which I was pleasantly surprised.

Accepted (2006)
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South Harmon Institute of Technology, 9 March 2007

Abrieviate the title to see what I thought of this film.

You know someone compared this film to American Pie lol.

American Pie wasn't a great film but it was OK it was funny though juvenile.

This was just juvenile, if you are aged between 12 and 18 you may enjoy this film (especially if you are drunk). If your not I doubt that you will make it to the end of the film.

It kind of reminded me of one of those 80's films like police Academy or something like that, (whhich weren't too good), only not the first couple one of the later sequels that stank.

IT was contrived, obvious and frankly a waste of two hours.

The Queen (2006)
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Yawn, 24 February 2007

Good Acting but aren't we all a bit bored of this?

I thought this was going to be a film about the queen and her life with all she has lived through they make a film about the days after Diana's Death?

Come on!!!

Helen Mirren is great as always.

But I was bored, the film was viewed like a Wednesday afternoon movie on the Hallmark channel.

I think that this was a missed opportunity here, so much could have been said. We could have gained real insight into British history over the last fifty or so years from the Queen's perspective.

Instead we had this..

If it wasn't for Helen Mirren I'd have given this a 2 out of 10

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Absolute Drivel, 27 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really don't understand the comments or how anyone could like this film, I mean what was the Point? I sat through this with my other half, Only because I was under the misapprehension that she was enjoying it, you know being a woman and all. But no, she was just as bored as I was. This was boring, pretentious Guff. All they do is walk around Paris Chatting rubbish. It was like following two people around and listening to bits of their conversation. I gave up. Just so Glad that I didn't pay for this rubbish. Not so Say that I don't enjoy a romantic film, I do. Furthermore I judge a film on it's quality not it's Genre. Even So I didn't find it romantic it was just two people droning on. It was just 1hr 20 Min's of Dross

Give me Killing Zoe any day