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Lights (1984) (TV)
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simply scrumptulious, 26 December 2005

First Caeser, then Napoleon. The next man to conquer is cinematographer Paul Michael Graser. If I had to come up with a word for this film, I couldn't, therefore I have to create my own:

Lights. Is. Described As:

Srumtroolescent. I highly recommend this movie. It brought hope and a "light" in a tunnel...a dark tunnel, headed towards narcotics.

"I've never seen it, i can't comment," said Matt Aldana, not a member of the Tribe.

Randi Levine remembers watching this movie as a young moppet. "OK. Hey." She continues, "No...shamos,no." "Nun, no." "GIMMEL! Give it to me all! This movie is outstanding! Twenty three minutes and thirty seconds of gold, pure gold."