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LOL (2006)
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what I think of the film., 3 June 2006

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This movie is so true of our society today with falsified internet relationships. Bravo!It "freaking" nails it! So many people try to use the internet as a buffer to who they really are, they want to hide, not showing their true colors. Most never realized they are chasing after a lost cause! The musical score goes perfectly with the footage. Brilliant yet subtle. Peak performances from Tipper Newton. Not a surprise, her sister is, Randi Newton, an established actress in New York and Los Angeles. It would only make sense for her to follow in her footsteps. Both Tipper and Randi shot the indie feature "My Sister" and "The Baby" in 2004, if you haven't seen it, try to grab a copy. Their other sister Cobi Newton is a reputable artist in both Kansas City and New York.