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Something's gone horribly wrong
24 April 2011
You've probably read it all somewhere else already. How this great cast is wasted on poor direction and a worse script. Yet, I can't help myself from writing this review. I have to make a stand, dammit!

The big problem here is in the dialog. Most of what is being said makes no sense, and the characters react seemingly at random to the events around them. Anger, happiness, mistrust, trust, love, hate; they're all thrown around as if the director was throwing a dice while writing the script, to determine what would happen next. Since nothing adds up or goes anywhere, the viewer is left trying to piece things together themselves. And I don't mean that in a good way.

The talented but apparently clueless actors who signed up to film this horror show of a script seem like they've realized their mistake mid-production, and most just phone it in. Wasting Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson like this should be punishable by .... well, something!

On top of all this, the movie is two whole hours long, for absolutely no reason at all. And despite the length, it ends too sudden and leaves the viewer feeling cheated. One smile (Rudd slams his head against a table in a humorous fashion) is all I mustered.

Not just a waste of talent then, but also of your time. Steer clear.
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Hoodwinked! (2005)
It's the inside that counts!
11 January 2006
Lots of people bitch about the animation being pretty stone age in this film, and for a reason. Technically, "Hoodwinked" is far behind "Finding Nemo" or "Incredibles". However, if you look past the unpretty exterior, there is plenty of goodies to found inside. Hilarious punchlines and a clever script by far makes up for the lack of jaw-dropping animation. Actually, I found the outdated CGI to add another layer of quirkiness to this little flick! When comparing "Hoodwinked" to other recent releases in the genre, it comes out with flying colors. Where "Chicken Little" and "Valiant" fail, this one really excels! Dialogues are well written and full of treats that makes this one a movie to see more than once. And for once, I even enjoyed the musical numbers, catchy and well performed. It doesn't have any scenes that - like "Shark Tale" - fell plastic or numb, instead it's an 80 minute, twisting and turning roller-coaster that doesn't stop until the credits start rolling. All you have to to is buckle up, and enjoy the ride
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