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Adding To A Disturbing New Genre, 7 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was watching the extras portion of this DVD for only one reason: I desperately desired an explanation for the reasons behind the making of this film. After all, when I've just been bludgeoned with ninety minutes of unmotivated, gratuitous violence, all without justification, I feel I am owed that explanation. I was expecting to be disappointed when suddenly, during the last minute, the director finally revealed his motivations. It seems his goal was to put the viewer right there with the victims. "If the audience feels like they were there, then I'll be happy." I see. So then... trying to impart to the viewer a sense of what it feels like to be terrorized and brutally murdered is his lofty goal? What kind of sick mind constructs a film based upon such reasonings?

After methodically terrorizing the couple all night and into morning, the film ends with the trio observing the tied-up couple tearfully exchanging their vows of love for each other, only to then take turns repeatedly plunging a kitchen knife into them, watching each other die. Bryan Bertino, the films director should be banished from the industry. There is nothing either entertaining or redeeming about this trash called "The Strangers." Moreover, this film represents the disturbing growth in the popularity of such mindless, gratuitous violence for the sake of violence.

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman should be absolutely ashamed for signing on to participate in this tripe. The first thing they each need to do is fire their agents and immediately post an apology to the movie-going public in Variety and THW. Are your respective careers in such despair as to need a film like this? And shame on Universal Pictures for putting their brand on this garbage. I can see that there are no longer any lines whatsoever that a studio will not cross in order to line their pockets. My God, how far this industry has fallen...

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Low-grade Dog Poop, 25 December 2007

This film does not merit further comment. But IMDb requires such. So... here we go. Hey Rob! Here's an interesting concept -- how about a story!? Have you noticed that the actors in the behind-the-scenes all praised Mr. Zombie? It is so embarrassing to observe actors gushing over how great their director is while (here is the key point) making the movie? Funny, but I don't recall seeing any of these lunkheads blitzing the press or talk shows doing the same after this crap was released to the general public and they were paid. Good grief, how far Karen Black has fallen. I see it took "Halloween" for Mr. Zombie to construct a film based upon a story and plot. Too bad, although not surprising, it was written by a real screenwriter and filmmaker named John Carpenter. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to throw money at this freak-show, Rob Zombie? Well, with all of that said, it remains a fact that if this bonehead can carve out a living making films like this, they by gosh... ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!

Redacted (2007)
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Magnolia Pictures sinks to a new low..., 19 November 2007

I'm going to be brief, as bilge like this, directed by a has-been half-wit hack like DePalma deserves no more of my time than it takes to write these few lines.

American's are sick and tired of biased, Left Wing extremist anti-military, anti-American propaganda hit pieces with political agendas such as, "Redacted." And should you need more evidence of this, just check the box office results on bombs like Demme's, "Jimmy Carter Man from Plains" or the star-studded, Redford-guided mega-disaster, "Lions for Lambs."

Yes, I absolutely question the patriotism (GASP!!!) of Brian DePalma and the execs at Magnolia Pictures, of which I intend never to purchase another product from.

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Look Mom! I made a movie!!!, 13 November 2006

So then... this is what passes as high art for the likes of SXSW Film Festival and Sundance, eh? Well, I suppose I can relate as long as story, script, dialog, acting (save for Ms. Aselton), cinematography and editing are completely irrelevant.

I remember telling other film-making friends some years ago that the biggest problem with digital video was that we were now going to have to wade through a future sea of crap to get to anything worth watching now that anyone and his brother (or brothers in the case of the Duplass') could run out and make a movie. "The Puffy Chair." Need I say more?

This feature length video is yet another chapter in the dismal, ever-expanding world of "dudeology" movies; young guns armed with a DVX100A, a few thousand dollars, a hastily written, shallow script, and some friends they call actors who decide one afternoon to make a movie and voilà!, instant feature video-makers. Don't get me wrong -- I'm all about independent cinema (i.e. Hollywierd sucks). But having said that, you can't argue with some of the realities of that system.

If the Duplass Brothers would've had to have gone out and raised a real budget and bring on real producers, its clear a script like this would never have been green-lighted! And therein lies the problem. There is no longer such a thing as a vetting process for getting films (sorry... videos) ready for production. Just grab a DV/P2 camera and off you go! And what makes it worse is that high-profile festivals like the aforementioned actually embrace and encourage this kind of nonsense. And why? Precisely because its no-budget.

I think its important, especially in todays climate of indie films, to quit allowing video-makers to high-jack the language by labeling themselves, "filmmakers." There is quite a difference in my book. When you have to go out and actually put your script on the line, asking friends and family or business people for real money to make a feature "film", knowing the potentially losses at stake, then you will know what it means to be a "filmmaker." But dropping a few hundred at Sam's Club for some DV tapes, some soda and chips doesn't cut it.

Oh... and by the way... I have to mention how utterly annoying it was to listen to a female being addressed as "dude" throughout the entire movie. Even Mark Borchardt reserves that intensely-overused moniker for his male friends only where it is at least endearing where his buddy Mike is concerned!

I think its high time the indie film community started to call out these shoddy, no-budget videos for what they are, and simultaneously scold prestigious festivals for giving such casual efforts, high praise. Either that or ask these festivals to at least have the courtesy to add a new category to their festival line ups... "Dude Films."