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Everyone should watch this film, 23 January 2014

This film is very hard to watch, but it's necessary. We all need to know about this and then do something about it. Train your daughters and sons to grow up valuing all human life equally, and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

This film offers a balanced perspective into a very complicated issue. It shows that there are no clear "good guys" and "bad guys." It fights for the dignity of women without suggesting men are the source of the problem.

The cinematography is gorgeous, the interviews are meaningful, and the stories are ones you will never forget. I appreciated how the interviews included professionals in this field--researchers and activists--as well as everyday parents whose lives have been affected by China's one-child policy or an overarching view that females are less valuable than males.

A dear friend of mine is Indian, and she said she grew up with her father saying that girls are like a sixth finger: If you can afford for them to be surgically removed, that is great. Otherwise, they just hang there uselessly. I can't imagine growing up in a society that propagates that viewpoint. Thankfully, there are many grassroots organizations working to change this mindset in India, like Let Her Live and the Art for Change Foundation.