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Madame Hollywood (2002) (V)
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Mia Zottoli is a High Class Madam, 3 June 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you want to watch this movie make sure you get the Unrated Version (run time 1 Hr 26 mins) compared to the usual R rated versions you see that have a run time of 1 Hr 13 mins.

Daisy (Mia Zottoli) is a naive actress when she comes to town with her boyfriend, after getting a job at a strip club and losing the boyfriend, she teams up with several other girls including Shauna O'Brien and Brandy Miller to open up an exclusive club for the more discerning male clients.

At the start of the film the club is raided and Daisy is arrested, while being interviewed she reveals the story of her life to the detective, cue flashbacks to various sex scenes with various girls and boys.

Not Mia's Best film but some where in the middle of the pack.