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It was okay, 2 January 2007

This was an okay movie. I loved Johnny Depp in it, he did a good W.Wonka but it's hard when your comparing it to the original. Freddy Highmore also should be watched because he is definitely a rising star. His performance was steller and very much impressive! I was very frustrated about the songs and that they weren't the original songs. I understand wanting new songs to make a more original movie but somehow Ijust expected oompa loompa doopity doo! :) the end had a nice twist though that made me a little happier with the movie, and it did have a subtle family plot that was absent in the original movie so overall it was pretty good.

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Really good new supernatural show!, 6 April 2006

When the show started I will admit I was apprehensive. It was compared to ghost busters and most notably X-files, but the first episode was everything but. It was action packed with two bad-ass brothers fighting no not crime, but ghosts. Spirits. The writers have done their research into urban legends and local myths, building on spooks we've grown up hearing about, sometimes beings scared of, and other's apprehensive. They give these spooks a face and then send Dean and Sam to blow them to smithereens.

While the coated focus is naturally the supernatural, the deep artery of the show is the love between these brothers as they sort out their past and arguments with "Dad" and challenge their future with a new light. They're action packed, gun toting, hot rod driving, (not to mention sexy) heroes saving people from harmful supernatural beings, (as they're not all ghosts). The music choice of the shows is also superb with everything from Blue Oyster Cult's "Don't fear the reaper" to Iron Butterfyl's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida". If your looking for an action packed, thrilling, GRASPING, hour, tune in, It's now Thursday at 9 Eastern-Standard on the WB.