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My All Time Favorite Movie, 19 March 2005

Okay, granted you have to like Barbra Streisand to love this movie. But for those of you who don't, it's worth a catch just to see Bob Newhart and Jack Nicholson as "young" men. Jack is especially funny in his short scenes with Barbra and her fiancée...

But the main reason to see this flick is the acting and musical talent of Barbra. She has to STRETCH to play a mousy crowd follower, and then switch it up to play a haughty wealthy socialite in a past time period. The costumes are out of this world, and the film should have won an academy award for costume design, although Barbra's figure did her costumes justice. The periods in history represented by the film are stunningly presented. All in all, this is my favorite movie of all time. There is laughter, sorrow, drama, singing, dancing, lots of Barbra skin showing, sexuality, scorn, mocking, a panorama of events and celebrations and Barbra's eventual awakening as her own person. I salute Vicente Minnelli, post mortem.

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Almost Threw Up, 19 March 2005

Horrible bugs, talking and writhing, along with poison bug powder supposedly posing as drugs of choice, I don't care if it's all an hallucination getting to the fact the guy hates being gay, IT'S GROSS. This movie points out succinctly how horribly unaware of the sweeter things in life men can be. The entire movie is lacking any redeeming kindness; the main character toward himself or the real or imagined people around him are all horrible caricatures of god knows whom or what.

How disgusting can you get? This is a woman's point of view. My husband loved the movie. He saw bits of it on television and HAD to rent it from Netflix. He is VERY offended that I can't tolerate the movie. I do admit to being squeamish over spidery crawly bugs, but that's not the point. As far as gaining anything worth my time, i.e. entertainment value, moral of the story, even love of a particular character around otherwise scary and weird plot line, none. There was ONE thing I liked about this movie, a segment when a penis is coming out of the typewriter. That was cool because I NEVER get to see penises (I don't rent porno).