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Everyone refuses to grow up in Oh Boy, 24 July 2013

Oh Boy is somewhat reminiscent of Prozac Nation. The protagonist is an unlikable, spoilt child, leeching off others while breezing through life. It is an anti-"Coming of Age" film, showing how people refuse to "grow up" - even supposed adults. Niko's father is childish, his friend an underachieving actor and the former classmate he runs into is in a way still the little girl with a crush on him. It doesn't end there, even Germany itself refuses to "grow up", clinging to its Nazi past and sticking to absurd bureaucracy.

On top of having an amusing story, Oh Boy has lovely cinematography. Berlin looks great in black & white, and with the lazy jazzy soundtrack it sometimes seems like a 50s film. Quite a promising start from Gerster, who won just about every German film award around.

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You should watch this online, 11 April 2007

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Here is a link to the film at Google Video: KUS3 shows you how advertising sends out certain messages that you will otherwise probably not notice. It is mostly focused on North-American advertising but relevant for Western Europe (and perhaps Asia) too.

Though the documentary gives no scientific evidence for its conclusions, putting these ads in context says enough about North-American and Western European culture. Women are shy, passive objects consisting of parts for men to drool over. Men are the violent and dominant human beings that women cannot live without. The only times when roles are reversed is when skin colour comes into play.

This light yet mature documentary brings this with a lot of humour and avoids drama or alarmist attitudes. You should especially watch this if you are a young male with white skin who does not watch TV (or has a TiVo) nor reads 'beauty' magazines.

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Yet another pathetic computer animation movie, 28 January 2007

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Cute fuzzy animals, a ton of tired cultural references bordering on advertising and a "script" that's mostly an excuse to fill 75 minutes with the other two, Over The Hedge has little going for it. I really wonder when people besides me will get tired watching these mindnumbing formula movies and Disney & Dreamworks will be forced to actually put some effort into everything beside animation. Aside from Toy Story and Shrek, no computer animation movie has been able to capture me in the same way computerless animation movies used to. I couldn't give a rats arse about any of the cute fuzzy characters getting killed in the most horrible way, they meant nothing to me. And, yet again, the use of loud, pumping music attempting to stir up emotion only does the opposite, you start hoping they'll end up as shish-kebab. The cheap, spineless social commentary and humourless pushing of the ideal of the family and the morale of the story really gets boring after the n-th time. One of the worst moments was seeing Hans Zimmer's name in the Credits. He went from doing the amazing music on the Lion King to this garbage? Ugh.

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Cheap, forgettable garbage, 18 January 2007

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Yet another pathetic computer animation movie. The characters and story have as much depth as a dried up puddle and then i'm being lenient. If Disney can get away with making such crap that is an insult to even the average viewer's intellect, they can get away with everything. Cheap use of "emotion", loud music and irrelevant and/or boring cultural references (the 90210 reference being the worst), what is there not to hate?

Really, if you want to waste 75 minutes of your life, stab yourself in the eye with a pencil, it's more fun! Otherwise, dig up your dusty copies of The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast or any other movie where animation was subordinate to characters and the story. Yeah, Chicken Little is pretty, it's no Ice Age for sure. But ask yourself, "pretty" combined with no depth , what does that spell? Oh yeah, porn. This is porn, only with less depth and negatively satisfying.

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Cliché , music-driven garbage, 10 January 2007

Take every sports movie cliché, add a whole lot of annoying, pounding music, and finish it off with some nice depraved Americanisms. Patriotism? Nonsense about "honor" and "respect" (we're talking about a bunch of guys who're playing football here)? Arrogant, haughty stereotypical English? Hilarious comparisons between athletes and state-empowered murderers ("soldiers")? Predictable outcome? No mention of what happened afterwards (US lost remaining games and Korean War)?

Even worse is the constant repetition of how great football is. From the very first dialogue to the last, a constant reminder that football is awesome, great, fantastic and the most democratic sport.

It's just a crappy sports movie with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Vasco Rodrigues making some easy money. Please, waste your time on something else.