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Soundtrack for Ancient Inventions incredibly beautiful, 19 March 2005

Has anyone other than me noticed how beautiful the soundtrack music is for this show? The composer is Dimitri Tchamouroff -- I slowed down the credits last night after playing the documentary 5-6 times because I'm so in love with the music. It sounds ancient, exotic, whimsical, mesmerizing all at once. Anyone know how I could lay hands on a soundtrack CD or tape of this? I feel I'll go mad unless I find it. I tried e-mailing A&E networks to ask them about it, and they are so monolithic they didn't even respond. I guess getting a soundtrack to a TV docu is kind of unusual. I thought the music had come from a major motion picture -- it is that good. I don't usually flip over music -- but in this case I could not help myself. I love music that evokes a distant past. If anyone could help me with this quest, I sure would appreciate it.